Your deepest thought patterns and mental blueprints got you to where you are, and they can get you out!

The Universe and all things are created by certain Spiritual Laws of Attraction in conjunction with an invisible structure called a blueprint or image.

Everything in our outer life reflects our dominant beliefs, habits and emotional moods.

• Did you at one time or another feel as though you were on a roller coaster going into some bottomless abyss?

• Did you ever feel like some unseen force was propelling boulders at you?

• Have you ever wondered or asked: How did this happen, how did I get here?

We all have had moments when setbacks and disappointment come crashing down on us.

It isn't because the Universe is out to punish us, or because there is some unseen conspiracy secretly acting against us. It is because we really don't understand the Power of Imagination; how to unlock our potential for success; how to apply what we learn; how to follow the exact way the Universal Laws governing manifestation work; how to time manage our lives to include learning the Art of Blueprinting the Inner You.

The Universe is Instant Response.

There is an exact path to creation, a step by step process, that if systematically practiced would guarantee the desired result 100% of the time.

There are no missing pieces to the Art of Manifestation, there are only people who may be missing a step, or resisting the fulfillment of their dream.

Whether you know it or not, your setback or delay is due to the working of invisible principles in conjunction with your mental blueprint.

If you are not attracting the money, success, lover, relationship, understanding, and/or happiness you seek, it is because of an error pattern that is still operating beneath the threshold of your conscious awareness.

Your blueprint rules!

Lack of money, lack of success, lack of fulfillment are results just like an abundance of money, success and fulfillment is a result. And results have causes.

You must change the cause within yourself if you deeply desire to change the effect you reap in your experiences.There is only one source for every harvest.

Do you want to plant and grow something new in your life? If you answered yes, then you must persist to choose your thought-seeds and your emotional fertilizers much more carefully.
Look at your beliefs.

Look at your thoughts/seeds, and most of all look at your emotional fertilizer -- your feelings! Because your true feelings will betray your true state of consciousness every time. This I know from personal experience.

As for failure, it has many parents and many more mental and emotional roots.

People claim to be on a quest for the Holy Grail of Happiness, Wealth, Peace, and Success. Yet they resist looking within; dealing with their current feelings; paying their emotional debt to the past; and leaving their old, false, misleading beliefs behind. They return again and again to low frequency emotional moods because habit rules their lives.

Many people could be healed. Yet they avoid the effort. They want to be fixed or rescued by something or someone outside of themselves.

In 1847, Dr. Phineas Quimby said: " The explanation is the cure."

• Self-healing means awakening ourselves to a healing power that responds to our blueprints and ideas when we call upon it.

• Self-healing means uniting with the power in feeling and in thought 100%.

• Self-healing means awakening ourselves to a healing power that responds to our blueprints and ideas when called upon.

To do this means surrendering the original concept. It requires understanding and patience because oftentimes our emotions are inhibited and deeply repressed into the hidden depths of our unconscious life.

Healing our feelings and having a healthy emotional life is the mainspring of well being.

"Self-work" opens the door to the recovery of love for oneself and solves the mystery of life.

If you need to emotionally release some pent up feelings, release away, but do not confuse crying with emotional healing.

Once you have had a good cry, summon your courage; tweak your blueprint; re-focus your attention and continue to transform your deeply rooted negative impression (memory) of yourself.
Reimage, re-think, and revise the memory until you feel restored.

It is up to you to believe and feel yourself to be wealthy and successful in the here and now, because our dominant thoughts express and repeat themselves.

Remember, the Life Force is ever-present and the good you seek is ever present.

Here are some ideas to consider:

• Poverty, failure and illness are the products of images, thoughts and feelings. They are the results of mind-activity that has divorced itself from its spiritual roots.

• The Power Within you (your subconscious mind/ I AM consciousness/God/Life Force) can destroy the world in which failure, illness, and misery live, and it can create happiness, health and an abundance of every conceivable kind. But it is up to each of us to give up our emotional connection to our inherited or learned error patterns.

• There is only one source for every effect, harvest or result in your life and it operates according to an exact code.

Miracles are nothing more than an instantaneous acceptance of that which you seek.

• If you would allow yourself to become emotionally attached to a new blueprint/image and perceive yourself differently, in time the tide would turn.

If you do not have the emotional capacity to feel loved and healed in the now, perhaps your healing process involves doing a mental/emotional detoxification cleanse.

• The longer you resist, store and hold onto painful feelings the more distorted the mood becomes.

• We suffer the most when we make a case for distrusting and hating ourselves. Turning on ourselves leaves us feeling drained and powerless.

• Everyone is their own healer and savior. Every person answers or denies his own image, because we attract what we really believe and feel to be true -- be it good, bad, or indifferent.

Seek the Healer Within and open up to the Life-Principle. It is always seeking to bless and answer your needs.

We are always imagining. Thoughts are creative. Thoughts produce results.

Never close a door on a dream -- your dreams are calling you!

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