"How difficult is grief recovery?" you may ask. As difficult as climbing a mountain perhaps, or crossing a stormy sea? These are events to remember, aren't they? Well, for certain they are. Such events are quite dramatic, as is the case with Grief, which takes us out of ourselves and tosses us about like a sea going ferry caught in a storm. These do capsize at times, you may be aware. Nothing is for certain after all.

What is it about dealing with grief recovery that upsets us so much? Is it the heavy duty emoting that we have to do to get through our suffering? Is it the fear we have about opening ourselves to all the pain that comes up during a grief recovery process? Because, let's face it, it's hard down there, in the land of "grief and loss," where all those emotions toss us around like a cork on a stormy sea.

We understand that grief recovery is necessary, at a surface level; but how we are feeling is what really matters. In that place we call the "Grief Process," is where this emotional pain dominates our life and where suffering is the paramount teacher. This is really difficult, and we know it only too well at times like these. We go to this feeling place because we have to; but we try hard to escape, as soon as possible if we can.

So what do we require then to move through this landscape we call a Grief Recovery? We seem to know this at some level, don't we? We seem to know that deep down where our sorrows dwell, there is an inescapable reality. We have to "feel this pain." Oh yes, it's an ugly fact, but true nevertheless. We have to "feel this grief process" in order to exorcise the hurt from our bodies and succeed with our recovery. Yes, we have to feel it, so we can learn that this too is survivable. Isn't that the most important thing in all such activities - to learn that you can get through this and find your own truth.

This truth I talk about is your truth, that feeling in your stomach when you know you are right and when you're feeling the hurt of a loss. Since this grief recovery is now your truth, then only You can determine the validity of those feelings within the grief process for yourself. No "alleged" guru can ever take you there. Because deep down in your "feeling world," lies your well-spring of creative experience. What happens here defines your life, tells you who you are and, right now, what you have to suffer while dealing with this experience called "grief."

To some that may seem sad though, to arrive in this "feeling" place where grief recovery has brought you. But is it really? Perhaps it's a better thing than you imagined, to be in this place where truth resides within you. Perhaps it's more than you ever bargained for. Sure, your Grief Process brought you here! But what else goes on in this place of tender emotion? How about looking around, since you're already here.

These are some of your life lessons after all, to have and experience, so that your truths can be borne. Grief Recovery is one such lesson. How could you ever have anyone else do that for you? No such luck! You have to do it yourself. But what an opportunity to get to know yourself better, to live deep inside your own heart and soul, where this truthful reality of dealing with grief and loss resides.

Let me assure you that you will survive. You will overcome these tragic effects made visible in the grief process. Because there is truth in there, where you live. And that truth will take you somewhere important. This is your truth, after all; and only you can assess it, experience it and benefit from its effects. That's what grief recovery has to teach you.

So do it! Allow yourself to descend to where it hurts and find out for yourself what this experience of dealing with grief and loss is; and what it can teach you that might correct your misperceptions about Life, Love and Purpose. Yes, you have access to the "truth," just as I do, just as we all do. As these lessons arrive, they are yours to be experienced. We all get them. Having to deal with Grief Recovery is but one of the many avenues that help us reach our very own Truth. Remember, the suffering will eventually pass. But Truth? - Well, that's forever.

Author's Bio: 

Maurice Turmel holds a PhD degree in Counseling Psychology, along with a Masters and Honors B.A. in Psychology. He was a practicing therapist for nearly 25 years providing counseling and therapy to individuals, families, and organizations. Maurice (AKA Dr Moe) has led seminars in the areas of Creativity, Self-Development, Spiritual & Psychological Awareness, Self-Expression, Passion and Purpose and Grief & Loss. He is the author of The Voice – A Metaphor for Personal Development, and the Audio Ebook “How to Cope with Grief and Loss – Support, Guidance and Direction for Your Healing Journey."