Can a Vision Board really help you to realize your goals? If the key to a successful life is to remain positively focused on your goals, then yes a Vision Board can help.

What is a Vision Board? A Vision Board is a visual collection of your wish list for life. It's pictures of whatever you desire the most in your life - a new house, a new car, a new relationship, more money, a better job, etc. You start to realize what it is that you really want when you are creating your Vision Board; it helps you to define your desires. So in building your Vision Board you are also focusing your mind on what it is that you want.

Vision Boards are based on the Law of Attraction - in which whatever you focus on the most is what is attracted into your life. Vision Boards were made famous in "The Secret" book and movie. Jack Canfield, the best selling author of the "Chicken Soup For the Soul" series of books also used a Vision Board to realize his success as an author.

When you focus daily on these pictures of what you really want, gradual changes in attitude in believing that you can have them occur. Your subconscious mind is now focused on bringing you these desires.

A Vision Board can be created by starting with a large poster board and cutting and pasting pictures from magazines on it. You can also add captions underneath the pictures such as "My New House". Hang it up somewhere so that you will see it several times during the day.

The easier way to create a Vision Board is though software programs specifically designed for this. You can choose from many different pictures, choose affirmations, and also add music. These programs can be played on your computer, iPod, iPhone and also printed out. It is much easier to add and delete your wishes than it is on a poster board. For those of you who work on a computer most of the day, this gives you maximum exposure to your Vision Board.

I think you will be very surprised at the results you'll get when you put together your own Vision Board. It really does help you focus and remain positive about your goals.

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