Our body is made up of body cells. A body cell reproduces itself by divides into two identical cells is necessary for growth of the organism and for the repair of tissues. The cell division process is called mitosis. Mitosis is essential to replace damaged or dead cells. Mitosis takes place constantly at the epidermis of the skin, the stomach lining, and the red bone marrow. However, mitosis requires energy , for cell division, by cell respiration.

Cell respiration is an energy production process within cells. It releases energy from food to produce ATP, also produces heat as one of its energy products. Cell respiration takes place constantly.

Cell respiration can be represented by the following chemical formula:
Glucose + O2 --> H2O + CO2 +ATP + heat

1. The water is called metabolic water, helps to meet our daily need for water.
2. The carbon dioxide formed is circulated to the lungs to be exhaled.
3. Energy in the form of heat as body temperature.
4. ATP, adenosine triphosphate, formed is used for energy-requiring reactions; the excess of energy is our body strength for lifting heavy objects.

This reaction shows that glucose and oxygen combine to yield carbon dioxide, water, ATP and heat. Glucose is the food we ate which requires oxygen for the breakdown. The oxygen that is required comes from breathing. If we don't breath properly, there may not be enough oxygen for constant cell respiration. Then, there will not be enough heat generated by the cells to keep our body warm to resist the external cold temperature. Furthermore, damaged cells will not be able to be repaired or replaced quick enough for us to stay alive and healthy.

Now we know how important oxygen is for cell respiration. In order to stay healthy, we must find an effective way to provide oxygen for our body cells constantly. The most ideal is to provide the maximum oxygen that our body can take. Indeed, there is a way which is Chi Kung. Chi Kung helps breathing the maximum oxygen into our body. With slight muscle contraction, Chi Kung also helps to strengthen our muscles and speed up the cell respiration process.

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I practiced Chi Kung for many years. It makes me very healthy. Since Chi Kung affects me biologically, therefore, I looked for a scientific explanation by using modern science to find out why.
I am working on a DVD to show the simplest form of Chi Kung and the most effective way to benefit my health. My email is JLee1680@aol.com