I divided my ring finger into the three standard zones: upper, middle and bottom.

The middle zone of the ring finger, when it is the strongest of the three zones, represents the material aspects of creativity. These can include design in many forms (clothing, furniture, jewelry) and arts & crafts.

When the middle zone of the ring finger on either hand is the smallest of the three zones or has a "waisted" effect as my middle zone does, it means that the person is going through or went through an ugly duckling stage during their teen years.

What makes this aspect so very challenging is that the "ugly duckling" can only see their flaws, real or imagined. The lack of perceived 'beauty' in their own 'physical design,' i.e. their face and body, becomes all-consuming, crowding out other positive features, talents and skills. As a result, the "ugly" obsession often materializes externally, leaving the teenager to be ridiculed and excluded by their peers for being "ugly," different or just plain weird.

So what is an ugly duckling in recovery to do? For me, it meant recovering from years of downplaying my physical appearance with black, baggy clothes and no makeup. In the past four years, I have found the best fabric colors, hair style, and jewelry designs to enhance my unique sensibilities.

In order to turn the ugly duckling years into an asset, it means claiming your beauty and reveling in it. No more hiding, no more excuses. I've integrated my color schemes into my web design, my home design and my wardrobe. The ugly duckling ain't such a bad "designer" after all.

And THAT, my friends, is how the ugly duckling becomes a swan... by singing her song, strutting her stuff and getting HELP with areas that are uncomfortable. So, if you're not sure how to wear your hair or makeup or are a fashion disaster, get some help and let yourself shine!

My mentor in this area is Kailash Sozzani. To see what she can do for you, check her out here.

Here's my Coach's Challenge for you this week:

Go through your closet and toss out EVERYTHING you don't like, don't wear or are saving for the proverbial rainy day. Sell it on E-Bay, give it to charity, or throw it away if it's not worthy of passing on. Free yourself of all that does not reflect your true beauty.

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Baeth Davis, "The Hand Analyst," is a professional hand analyst specializing in non-predictive palmistry. She helps female entrepreneurs, small business owners and women experiencing major life transitions to discover the calling of their souls and create practical, pragmatic business plans to make their unique life purposes both meaningful AND profitable. Visit Baeth at handanalyst.com to learn more and get a free copy of “The 5 Massive Mistakes Spiritually Oriented Women Make in Business (and How to Avoid Them!”