The single biggest question that new traders ask is how much can I make trading the stock market? They all want to know what annual return they can expect to make, or how much monthly income they will generate.

That is not the question you should be asking. In fact concentrating on that question will hurt you in 3 ways.

1. You would not limit your losses. Instead of looking at your possible gains what you should be looking at is how much you are willing to lose on every trade. Most people have the mentality to just buy a stock and hope it goes up. No one ever prepares themselves for what they will do if it goes down. Limiting your losses with some sort of stop is important.

2. You will not be able to last a few bad trades. Everyone lose money here and there. To be a successful trader you have to learn that. Some months you will be down, and it will hurt you very badly emotionally if you are hoping to make a monthly income off it.

3. You will trade too often. Sometimes you have to just wait it out or at least trade less. You will get too stressed out if you trade every day, week, or even month. Take a breather once in a while.

So if you should be asking yourself, “How much can I make Trading?” what should you be asking yourself? The answer is, “How can I improve my trading?”

Look at every trade you take. Try to figure out how you can cut your losses more effectively, let your winners ride more effectively, and even when you should just not trade.
Asking how you can improve will make you much better (at anything, not just at trading) then asking how much can I make.

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When I was young I wanted to learn how to trade the stock market. So I traveled around the country listening to professional traders talk about how they are making money in the market. Now I understand how easy it is to make money in the stock market and started a site to help others learn.