The topic of image seems to be up for me these days, and that leads me to believe it may be up for some of you as well. I invite you to go on this journey of discovery with me if it calls to you...

My question to you today is "What is the image you (think you) project to the world?" Here's another way to look at it: How much of your precious life energy do you expend proving to the world you are not the qualities you disapprove of?

You may think the image you hold of yourself increases your power, but in reality when you think about this image, isn't it based on your feeling small and limited in some way(s)? When you are afraid to see yourself as you are, you build up images to keep yourself from seeing the truth. But looking at the truth would actually be far less painful and far less detrimental, because resisting aspects of your personality is futile.

The more you fight qualities that you disapprove of, the more they persist of course. After all, many of the qualities that you resist come from a place of fear, which is why they are so tenacious. They feel they are fighting for their--actually your--survival. Push against them, and you have a major battle on your hands.

By the way, if you feel you are not fighting against yourself, just take a look at the qualities in others--especially in your family members--that you disapprove of. Look at those things they do that really "push your buttons." There is a very high probability that those qualities/aspects are what you are resisting in your own life. (Sorry if I just ruined your day. You'll thank me eventually. Awareness is power after all!)

If you bring light to these qualities, and gaze upon them with compassion (even gratitude if you can get there), you will see how much space opens up--space that allows for new perspectives and transformation.

In maintaining an image, you are living from the mind and keeping yourself from aligning with your own divinity. The decisions you make are based on fear and limitation (Illusion). The invitation is to open the door to living from a different place (Reality). This door opens for you when you don't hold so tightly to maintaining the image that you once--probably decades ago--decided was required for your very survival.

So with years of inflation, how much is your image costing you these days?

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Arleen Hannich, MA, is a Spiritual Facilitator. She provides the Oneness Blessing, Divine Presence, and Messages from Spirit to clients across the United States who wish to live authentically and joyfully. Arleen invites you to create a more conscious and enjoyable relationship with yourself and the Divine. To receive her free Ezine "The Divine Connection," visit her website at