Your office is a busy place; people come and go all day long, clients, fellow workers, maintenance people etc. People that you most often times, you see on a daily basis and are free to enter when needed.

However, do you realize that by doing some common everyday things that you may be putting your children in harms way?

By following the guidelines below, you will be taking the right steps to securing your families safety and you may decide to pass this information along to others. Some of the things we do not take into consideration when we are decorating our offices, but can cause problems for the entire family.

Follow these simple steps to protect your family:

• Remove your children's pictures from view and put them into a photo album.

You do not know anything about most of the people, their private lives, or what things they have done in the past or little quirks in their lives.
Having pictures of your family on your desk or displayed in your office is telling a predator what your children look like their approximate ages, color of hair a lot more.

• Make sure you have an unlisted home phone number and you are careful whom you give your cell phone number to.

If you have a landline, it also means that your name and address are in the telephone book, for anyone to see. The day will come when a cell phone number and address may be connected in the same way. Both of these ways, would make it very easy for someone to know where you live, what time you get home, when your children are there and no one else is at home.

• Do not display awards, certificates or merit awards that your children may have earned.

Another area is newspaper clippings that show their picture, it gives everyone a face to identify with and they now know which children are yours.

Yes, you are very proud of them, but you have just told everyone where your children go to school. This makes it easy for them to be contacted without you knowing it, or to get a job at their school so they can watch them.

Keep your family life, very separate, from your work life. Protect your children and their identities from others to see. Do not display pictures, awards and information about them, that can make it easy for the predator, to contact them.

What are the chances of your children watching for people that are following them?

What are the chances of your children knowing that a particular person is everywhere that they go?

Do you pay attention to who is following you when you leave work at night?

True, some of this may be taking it to the extreme, but do you really want to take the chance of the one time that it happens to a family; that family happens to be yours?

We know that kids do not think that anything could happen to them, it is always to a friend of theirs or someone they know. Therefore, you have to take extra precautions and the first place to start is by organizing your office to protect them.

Make a nice album and keep it in your office for those pictures that you want to share with your fellow workers that you are close too. Remind them of the precautions that you are taking to insure safety for your family and I am sure that they will want to do the same things, by following, your excellent example.

Currently, no one can be too cautious and no one can take enough steps to keep their families safe. Our information is everywhere; there is no reason that we should make it easy for them to get it. Why not come in a little early tomorrow morning and make your office predator proof?

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