Inside every human being there is a network of nerves and sensory organs that interprets the outside physical world. Behind the obvious physical being is a series of more subtle vehicles of emotional, mental and spiritual consciousness, which includes a series of subtle bodies and a system of ...Inside every human being there is a network of nerves and sensory organs that interprets the outside physical world. Behind the obvious physical being is a series of more subtle vehicles of emotional, mental and spiritual consciousness, which includes a series of subtle bodies and a system of channels and centers of energy, or chakras. These subtle structures are the link between the physical world and the world of spirit.

The subtle body reacts to and records all of our life experiences. Depending on our reaction to these experiences, imbalances can occur. When all our subtle bodies are balanced we can perform at our optimal physical, mental and emotional potential. It is when imbalances occur that we often experience problems in our lives.

As well as the physical layer of the human body, there are seven further subtle layers, known as subtle energy bodies each increasing in vibration the further from the physical body they are. Although called “layers”, they are actually described as interpenetrating and overlapping like a series of “nesting dolls.” Each layer is structured of differing frequencies and kinds of energy and performs different functions.

The three innermost layers, like the three lower chakras, are strictly associated with our life as human beings -- the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our being. The three outer layers, like the three upper chakras, are associated with the spiritual aspects of our being. The fourth layer, associated with the fourth chakra (at the heart), is the mediator between the inner and outer layers. For simplicity we will refer to them as only four layers: Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies. It is the first three that we are most concerned with here.

The Etheric body extends from the physical body approximately 2” and appears as grayish-blue moving light. Constantly in motion, this field draws ki, universal life force energy, in through the solar plexus chakra and distributes it throughout the body. These rays of light form a protective web of light around the physical body and appear straight when healthy and tangled or bent otherwise. Sustaining the physical body, the Etheric body serves as the mold or matrix for physical metabolic functions.

The Emotional body is the second layer of the energetic field and constantly changes colors thus reflecting the emotional state of the person. It radiates between 18 inches to 5 feet around the body. These ever-changing amorphous, cloud-like radiations appear clear and vibrant when in harmony, such as when feelings of love, appreciation, and joy are experienced. When anger, guilt, depression or sadness is felt, these colors become dark clouds of stagnant, non moving blocks.

The “like attracts like” energy interaction takes place here; people reflect back to us our deepest, unconscious fears about relationships, trust, ownership, betrayal, anger and fear. This “mirroring” enables us to observe our own unconscious self so that our unresolved issues are brought up to the surface. We can, therefore, begin to take responsibility and start to make conscious choices to change these dysfunctional energetic patterns.

This field is a very important field in the health of our physical bodies, as it holds all of our unresolved emotional traumas and feelings. When a traumatic event happens in the life, it stays around recreating and recreating similar events through the “like attracts like” energy interaction. We, therefore, continue to experience similar types of events and become involved with similar types of people until we begin to consciously release this past trauma. And trauma can be any kind of event which caused us to use an emotional defense pattern, such as avoidance, escapism, or dissociation. We oftentimes don’t even realize how our emotional bodies have reacted to these past events; nevertheless, these old events continue to lead and inform the physical body and the physical life.

Energy Healing gives high vibrational energy, which works to stimulate low vibrational clouds in our emotional body making them vibrate at higher and higher rates; as they vibrate higher, the memory of the experiences that caused the clouds to be formed is released, allowing us to re-member it and forgive ourselves and the people involved. Both the memory in the emotional body and its effects in the physical body are released creating fully emotional healthy beings.

The third layer of the energy field is the Mental body is a uniform yellow color consisting of a fine network of lines, not unlike those of the Etheric body, but with various thought-forms attached. It can radiate out to 9 feet. It holds our beliefs about reality that were formed throughout our life. It reflects our rational mind and perceptions on a physical level. Our experiences in the physical body are processed in the mental body after having passed through the emotional body; therefore, our perceptions and rational thoughts are often deeply affected by any unresolved issues on the emotional level.

The Mental body also acts as a transmitter and receiver of the thought projections of the people around us and the unconscious messages being sent into the world through TV, newspaper, etc., most of which are often fearful. We begin to absorb and hold them in our own energy field believing they belong to us. Our perception of the world can become clouded by this invasion of negative thought patterns.

‘What we think is what be become!” The true function of the mental body is to marry the conscious mind with intuitive perception. It is through the medium of the Mental body that we find access to the intuitive realm of being which we perceive through the spiritual subtle bodies. Here in the Mental Body, all forms of thoughts are held, and as we said, are also colored by our emotions. It is important to realize that thoughts are real things…they are like ripples in a still pond…. Once formed they are sent out in all directions… they are very real!

Our thoughts and perceptions influence the kind of energy that we are attracted to and the kind of energy that is attracted to us. The resulting interacting patterns create the details of our world even beyond the cellular level. Our lives, interior and exterior, are a reflection of these interpenetrating, vibrational patterns of energy.

The Mental body gains us access to the Universal Mind or Mind of God through the higher frequencies of the Spiritual bodies. Once we are aware of our access to the Mind of God, we are able to respond to the information and signals we receive on an intuitive level and translate them into a more solid form. The cleansing of the emotional body of its unresolved issues is vital for this process to take place without distortion, as our beliefs can block this perception/inner guidance and distort the information.

Quite often we can ignore and suppress thoughts, feelings, and unresolved issues, choosing to find ways to cope in spite of them. However, this is like carrying excess baggage that simply weighs us down, serving no purpose other than to limit us. If we can identify this excess baggage, we may find that it is no longer needed----we can continue on our journey with a lighter load.

It is impossible to separate our emotions from our physical body; they are all connected. If we carry unresolved issues on an emotional level, the chakra that was being developed at the time the issue occurred will be affected too. This may mean the flow of vital energy reaching the physical body served by that chakra will be affected as well. Consequently, we find that issues related to any chakra will have an effect on each layer of the three bodies related to it.

Through hindsight it is easy to see where we may have made mistakes in our life choices. Personal evolution through life experiences raises our personal awareness; this works very well as long as we remember what has taken place in the past. However, much of our memory has been suppressed and is stored on a cellular or unconscious level. It resides in our energetic fields, affecting us and our daily lives.

It is important to start to examine ourselves to find out how we create the pitfalls of our life unconsciously. What unconscious behaviors, beliefs, and unresolved emotional issues do we carry around that shape and influence us? Intuitive Spiritual Direction can assist the client in finding these inner blocks, and when coupled with Energy Healing can offer an energetic approach to health, healing and well-being that releases these energetic situations. A new and empowered stance of being is generated by this work which greatly supports the ability to lead a consciously creative path of life.

Leading your best life is a worthy and admirable goal. Energy Healing and Intuitive Spiritual Direction can assist you, creating holistic health on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Take the first empowering step; visit for more information.

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Deborah is an Energy Practitioner and Intuitive Spiritual Director who teaches self-empowerment workshops and offers private healing sessions. Deborah has a Doctorate of Theology in Spiritual Healing and is a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, PSYCH-K Advanced Facilitator, ThetaHealing™ Advanced Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner and Certified Instructor.