We have all heard that "you are what you think"! This is a statement that holds true to 100%. If you have anxiety, stress or any other limiting emotion, your thoughts are what will give you results, either negative or positive.

Let's say Sandra has anxiety and she is constantly thinking about it and asking herself why? If she is catrastophizing and What If'ing, she will have the sensations that are most unpleasant, racing heart, intense fear, palpitations and severe self doubt. Sandra Decided that she was going to accept that she was anxious for whatever reason and allow her thoughts to improve her situtation. She is conscious of the negative thoughts andshe changes them to those of which are empowering and motivating. Sandra has decided also that she was going to get excited about facing the challenge and allow herself to prove to herself that she has the power over what she things and feels.

It is so very important if you have anxiety to look at things in a supportive way for yourself. Everyone has anxiety at sometime in their lives, some more severe than others, but we all have it at some time. One crucial element that must be done is if you are feeling anxiety, you must be kind to yourself and allow yourself to be human. Nobody is perfect nor would you want to be, it is just too hard to try and pull off.

Start your days with affirmations, the best time to do positive affirmations are right when you are awakening in the morning, than in the afternoon and right before you fall asleep at night, but do not be afraid to repeat them whenever you feel you need to, the more repetition of them, the most benefit you will have from them.

Affirmations could be something like this:

I am safe
I can do anything
I have the power
I am worthy
I am strong
Make them in the present moment. You may have to fake it until you believe it, but do not give up! Giving up is not allowed.

Choosing your state of mind is YOUR choice, do you want it to be positive or negative. You have the power to change any thought and I want you to take hold of that power and change your thoughts to all positive. It is all your choice. You can do it.

Thought Replacement
Rewarding yourself
Be grateful for yourself!

In Good Thoughts!

Coach Kristen

Author's Bio: 

Kristen is a mother of 2, wife, business owner, Life Coach and published author. She has been a life coach for 4 years and loves every minute of it!