Start-up grants can help benefit small businesses in many ways. Grants for small businesses are offered by federal or state agencies and other organizations. There are also offices such as small business development offices to help the small business grant seeker with advice on how to get grants. The grants available to help small businesses are usually dollars that do not have to be repaid and can be used for anything from start-up expenses to inventory or construction expenses.

Using start up business grants to benefit small businesses are sometimes unknown to the new business owner. They might not know these small business grants are available or they may think they all have to be repaid. Not true. Thousands of government dollars are given away each year to help small businesses through their start up process to ensure their success. Others think these start up business grants are only for rural or minority-owned businesses. This is also not true. While there are specific start up business grants for rural and minority owned businesses, they are not the only ones out there.

What are the requirements and how can a start up business grant really benefit my small business you might ask? There are not as many requirements as you might think, nor will all of them require mounds of paperwork to obtain that small business grant. Here are some tips on how you too can benefit from small business start-up grants.

First, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never owned a business before, or if you are a long-time business owner. Small businesses need help and government and state grants are available for the taking if you look in the right place. These small business start-up grants can be used in every business area from starting up a daycare service to building your eBay business. Organizations that offer start up grants to help small businesses realize that people aren’t always able to get a bank loan or utilize personal funds. These organizations don’t want to see the small business owner fail and realize that small business are the backbone of the business industry today.

The myth that most agencies that offer small business start up grants require an arm and a leg of work that you can’t tackle is simply not true. In fact, most agencies will help you through the grant process and offer seminars or effective ways to get your grant proposal noticed. Grant proposals firms are available, but not always necessary if you know what kind of things grant makers are looking for.

Seek out government, state or local grant makers and schedule a meeting with a local representative. Discuss what grants they offer to help new business owners with their start-up costs. Choose grants or organizations that are offering grants you feel you qualify for. If you’re looking to start up a dress shop business, don’t waste time on rural development offered grants. Check around to find a grant that is specifically designed for your small business or small business idea.

Some grants for starting up small businesses can be vast in description and claim to cover everything under the sun, so be careful. The best advice when seeking a start up grant to help your small business is to read and re-read grant guidelines all the way through. The last sentence of any grant guideline might disqualify your company, location or idea. Understand the grant maker and what they are seeking. Don’t be afraid to call or meet with grant makers. After all, they wouldn’t be offering these funds if they didn’t think people need them right? Do some research, gather your financial paperwork together and start searching for that start up grant for your small business—you’ll be rewarded for your efforts and it’s easier than you think!

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