Our main foe at work is stress and a lot of stress. There is no doubt to that! With all the troubles and pressure we have while working, it would take a miracle for us to be able to withstand all the pressure from our job while having our work productivity unaffected. No matter how fit we may be or how built our body shape is, once the fury of stress hit us, then we are as helpless as anybody else.

When early signs of stress start to knock at our door and we do not address it with appropriate measures, then things can start to go nasty and may lead to some serious and complex situations. Literally, we became less productive if we are totally stressed out. We can also become too sickly and incompetent to perform myriad works. That is a fact and we have proven it ourselves for several times already.

If we are under a lot of stress at work, often times we decide not to work during certain periods. We tend to skip work and find time to rest and regain strength in order to cope up with some work related requirements. There is no issue about skipping work to rest since we all need to relax somehow. The issue starts when we miss the functions we should have played. For professionals who need to make big decisions, their absence can mean a lot to a company’s standing.

In addition to skipping work because of stress, during our absence we miss a lot of opportunities and create mountains of pending works which could have been done if only we were not absent. What a totally catastrophe if being prone to stress could be a major reason why we will be terminated from our work. Sounds too harsh, but it can happen to both you and me.

What our employers need from us is our productivity. They hire us in the first place, for us to render what they do not have yet. Because we are employees we should become the company’s asset by doing what we are hired to do and not become liabilities. When we start to perform less we are becoming liabilities to the company we work for and start to show few reasons why we are not fit for such position. Would you hire someone who is not capable of finishing a task? Our answer would be a definite no, right?

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Luka Malgaj is the editor and researcher for the web site dedicated to stress management. For more information on stress and the ways to relieve it you can visit mystressmanagement.net