A small file, of no more than three megabytes, has the potential to change your life. That is the statement that subliminal technology can make without a hint of waver and without a hint of uncertainty. The technology is both proven as it is peered and supported by the tens of thousands of people who have subjected themselves to the positive therapies over the past few years. You can also be part of this army of self-improvers and finally get rid of the bad habit and character flaws that you have in your life.

To make the example much more tangible to you, let us look at the simple example of Johnny, a man who in his late twenties has a debilitating fear of the water. He cannot swim and even suffers from mild panic attacks when he comes anywhere near the water. For someone in his twenties, this can be a bad reaction and he can be the object of ridicule among his peers. He is left out of some social situations and because of this, his character may have become introverted and he may be left without the outgoing personality that should have been his. Looking at Johnny’s past, we understand that he had suffered a traumatic event when he was a small child in the swimming pool and this has affected him since. What happened to Johnny?

Well, to answer the question, it is quite simple. As a child, our mental faculties of logical thought and critical thinking are not yet fully developed, this is why we still need the guidance of our parents to instil ideas of rationale thought into us and explain events into the specifics of logic. As a child, we think in the arena of raw emotions and associations, which means that whatever happens, it is translated into a base emotion and immediately associated.

In Johnny’s case, what happened was that the great fear and terror that he experienced as a child near the water was encapsulated into his subconscious mind with subliminal emotional thinking. This means that the mind would immediate associated water with the event and thus the physical incarnations of cold sweat, discomfort, panic attacks and even headaches would appear out of nowhere.

This is how powerful the mind’s own internal defence mechanism can be and sometime it can even be dangerous. Imagine if you will if Johnny was playfully thrown into the water and he seizes up and drowns. The subliminal message that is in his subconscious needs to be erased and this can only be done with technology that fights fire with fire. The subliminal MP3 does this by simply going below the mind’s own internal defences and penetrates the subconscious mind. The messages then reprogramming the sub conscious and inserts its own set of positive messages. With continued therapy, the phobia will simply disappear from memory and Johnny will have no problem going near the water at all. This is how subliminal MP3 has the potential to change lives, but most importantly, yours.

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