Every woman on earth, starting at about the age of 16, has a love-hate relationship with jeans. If you find the right pair, men pop up out of nowhere (the literally fall from the sky) to open the door for you, and invite you out to dinner.

Throw on a bad-fitting pair of clumsy "mom jeans", and you'll get nothing but the silent treatment from the opposite sex. It's a fact that mature, successful women have been known to weep in dressing rooms across the nation, heartbroken at not being able to find the perfect pair of jeans.

It even gets to the point where you have several pairs. Not just for dressy looks or casual wear, but for how you're feeling on a particular day.

When you’re feeling gassy and flawed, you reach for the old, baggy pair whose only purpose is to make sure that no guy in his right mind steps within ten feet of you.

It’s a depressing, lonely feeling to experience. As the years go by, those tight jeans get treated like a museum relic as they are pushed further back into the closet - reminding you of the days when you could still fit them around your badonkadonk.

“What happened?” You ask yourself. What went wrong?

And I ask, “Are those tight jeans really your enemy?” “Shouldn’t they be the pair you reach for everyday because you want to show off the body you’ve worked so hard for?” If the answer is yes then turn your jeans into your inspiration.

That’s right. Learn to see those them as your long lost friend, doing whatever it takes to be reunited with them again. A great pair of tight jeans don’t happen every day, you know? They deserve to be loved again, for all of the times they made you look your best.

Don’t make a number of pounds, or a number on a scale, be your weight loss goal. Make it those tight jeans that you so desperately want to wear again. Don’t be a slave to the numbers. Instead, be inspired by the possibilities.

When you start on your weight loss program, hide the scale, and replace it with the jeans. Every Sunday, first thing in the morning, try them on. Keep working out, and keep trying them on, until they look absolutely fantastic on you, and you’ve been reunited once again with your best friend!

When they finally fit snugly on your tight bum, go ahead and take them out for a night on the town because you deserve it! Put on your sexiest spaghetti top, your killer high heel shoes, and dance the night away in your tight jeans.

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