Many people are looking for love. They do lots of things to attract a romantic partner: from losing weight, whitening their teeth and going to the hottest new disco in town. But that loud blaring music has nothing to do with attracting the man or woman of your dreams. You can use the Law of Attraction to gently and effortlessly attract the perfect person for you to love right now.

People looking for love so often focus on the superficial things they feel will help attract a mate. Women buy high heels or push up bras. Older men buy fast sports cars and get new hair. But you can find someone who will love you just as you are.

Understand the Law of Attraction. To put it quite simply: like attracts like. So if you haven't been happy with the relationships you've been attracting, this is not a time for complaining or self-judgement. This is a time for reflection and a change in your attitude to attract the right relationship to you. Think of what type of qualities you want in your mate? Do you possess these qualities yourself? If you want someone active, successful and happy -- are you also active, successful and happy? Now is the time to work towards improving your life so you will attract the best mate for you.

Express gratitude. The Law of Attraction is a little sneaky to many people: it responds so well to those who are grateful to what they have. When you give thanks for what is already in your life, the Universe responds by giving you even more! Take the time now to shower those in your life with love and attention. Do something special for each person in your life to show that you care. Do special things for that elderly neighbor across the street or the single mother with several children. There are many special people in your life and ask you are thankful for all of them, the Universe will respond by sending you the romantic partner you desire.

Ask. Some people are actually hesitant about asking for what they want. They want this romantic partner but they don't actually ask the Universe for them. Speak up now and confidently ask the Universe for the romantic partner you desire. Let the Law of Attraction bring this person into your life. Be as specific as you wish to, mentioning the qualities and physical characteristics you wish this person to have.

Believe. Once you have asked for the romantic partner you are longing for, now believe that the Universe is sending them to you. You may not completely know exactly how they will come to you, but they are certainly coming! Be open to how you are guided and directed to connect with this special person.

Trust. So many people find it challenging to trust that the Universe will actually bring them this romantic partner that they want and need. Learn to trust that this person will certainly come to you. Let your trust bloom and develop and watch as the Universe responds to your trust.

Receive. This is probably the most fun part of all! The moment when your romantic partner does come to you through the Law of Attraction. Simply receive this relationship into your life. Be open to receive this special romantic love relationship.

You can also use the Law of Attraction to maintain your relationship. Just as the Law of Attraction has brought the two of you together, it can keep the two of you together. Remember that your romantic partner will respond to your gratitude and positive statements. Like attracts like. If you want more affection from your partner, then give them some affection. The Law of Attraction is always helpful in our relationships.

The Law of Attraction will easily and gently draw the right person to you. As you use the Law of Attraction you'll notice the Universe starts to connect the right circumstances and situations that just seem to work for you. Perhaps you
are attracted to take a new class or try something different. Trust that you are guided by the Law of Attraction!

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