Attracting those "Heavy Hitters" into our business is what we all dream about. Those prospects that will build a huge organization in our group and bring us the end result that we're all looking for. A six-figure residual income and with it complete financial freedom.

The "Heavy Hitter" that you would want to sponser into your business would be someone who:
1. Went to every weekly meeting and training without failure.
2. Would be on at least one or two company conference calls per week.
3. Would attend every anuual company convention.
4. Would attend as many special seminars as possible.
5. Would create a huge downline by taking "Massive Action."
6. Would work the business on a consistent daily basis.
7. Plugged his people into all the company training and resources.
8. Had an internet marketing system that his people could copy and duplicate.
9. Had offline marketing strategies for people who didn't want to work on the internet.

You may be thinking, "yeah, that's the person I'M lookin for!"

So how do you FIND those "Heavy Hitters" like the one above? The doctors, lawyers, business men, and other professionals that other people seem to attract into their businesss?

Recruiting JUST ONE person like that can give you an astounding annual residual income.

There is One Rule that if you follow it, it can make it all happen for you!

You ABSOLUTELY MUST recruit that first one, and you may not know it, but you've already recruited your first potential "Heavy Hitter!"

YOU, MUST be your first "Heavy Hitter." It doesnt matter if you're brand new in the business, have no experience, or what background you have.

Go look in the mirror. That potential "Heavy Hitter" that's staring back at you. Does THAT person do all of the above?

YOU have to be your own "Heavy Hitter" before you should expect to attract those kinds of people.

The people you recruit will tend to do what you do.

If you KNEW for sure that if you did the 9 steps above for 1-3 years part-time and it would lead you to financial freedom would you do it?

That's the way I looked at it when I was just starting out.
I used to pick up trash for a living and ended up building a six-figure residual income following the 9 steps.

Was I a leader when I first started? Yes and no. I didn't have the SKILLS that leaders and "Heavy Hiters" had at first, but I did all the THINGS that they do.

I showed up to "Play The Game everyday!"

Let's just pick one item from the list above as an example of "doing what the "Heavy Hitters" do.

Opportunity meetings.

I remember the first time that I got up in front of the room to do my first opportunity presentation to the room. I had NEVER been in front of a room of people giving a speech or presentation in my life and I was scared!!

All I had to do was read the slide presentation, but my knees and legs were visibly shaking, ha, ha. I know because when I was finished I heard the the good-natured comments.

But I did it even though I was that scared because I SAW the leaders in the room doing that and I considered the leaders as the people who were making the big bucks.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is, when you're new, it's ok NOT to be great at every thing you do at first.

I can't tell you how many times I heard people in our room, over the years, say, "well I wasn't here last week for the opportunity meeting because I didn't have any prospects scheduled to be here".

That's COMPLETELY the wrong attitude! For one thing, when YOU have a prospect show up to see your opportunity, YOU want the room to be full and have excitement in the room. That's why YOU have to be there even when you have no prospects yourself. YOU have to be there for the other people in the room. THEY want a full room when THEY have prospects!

Showing up for every opportunity meeting is just one thing "Heavy Hitters" do. They understand!

Another reason to be there on a regular basis? The people you recruit will tend to do what YOU do! Are you looking for recruits that show up on a hit and miss basis, or would you want the type of person who attends EVERY week and everyone in his/her group follows suit?

Will you learn something every week? No!

Does it get boring watching the SAME presentation 1-2 times per week? Yes, but you'll know the presentation so well that you'll be able to give it in your sleep!

But let me tell you a quick personal experience that I had at one Saturday morning meeting.

I attended EVERY meeting 2 times per week. It was a 50 mile drive one way for me!

This particular Saturday was pretty routine. Then when the presentation was over I saw a person in the room that I had never seen before. I saw him walk up to a couple of people and speak with them for a couple of seconds, then he would move on to someone else and do the same thing.

It wasn't long before I saw someone point him in my direction, and he walked up to meet me.

Seems as though he had driven 130 miles to be at the meeting because he was trying to find someone in his "upline" that would be willing to work with him. The person that sponsered him just wasn't very active in the business, but the stranger said that he himself was very serious about building a business.

Well, as fate would have it on that day, he was in MY downline!

After we chatted for a few minutes I told him that if he was serious enough about building his business to drive 130 miles to find someone willing to work with him, then I would drive the 130 miles down to him in a couple of days so we could "go to work".

Well this stranger and I soon became VERY good friends. We worked together every month for the next 4 years.

He ended up puting together his own LOCAL opportunity meeting. He was a very experienced network marketer!

He also ended up being the first person to reach National Director in my organization! He also sponsered a person who became a National Director which gave me a second National Director in my group, and THAT person sponsered another that became a National Director, and so on down the line!

All together their ended up being 5 National Directors straight down in a row in my organization in that ONE line!

That Saturday morning "stranger" ended up building a group that brought me $65,000 in residual income every year, and it still continues to pay me to this day! That was 9 years ago!

What if I didn't show up that Saturday morning. I DIDN'T have any prospects of my own that day by the way.

What if I "just didn't feel like driving the 50 miles one way" at 8 am that day?

There are lots of reasons and excuses that I could have come up with to not be there, but this "stranger" has told me many times that if he hadn't found someone to work with that day that he was going to quit! I would have lost out on about $65,000 per year in residual income if we wouldn't have "run into each other" that day!

Did I get lucky? Yes, but leaders and "Heavy Hitters" don't wait around for luck, they go find it!!!

And when you DO find that "Heavy Hitter", these days you'll want to have some type of internet marketing system for them to work because they ALL want to work on the internet now!


Because they KNOW the internet can increase their income VERY, VERY fast!

They also know that having a system that their downline can duplicate is a MUST to building a big business!

Here's hoping that potential "Heavy Hitter" that's looking back at YOU from YOUR mirror, won't "wait around" for their luck to come to them!

Gary Downard

Author's Bio: 

Gary went from picking up trash for a living to building a Six-Figure residual income with his MLM/Network Marketing company.

He won just about every award the company had available, including the company's "Top Producer" award.

Evolved into a National Trainer with the company and was a guest training speaker in major cities across the United States.

He has been featured in many issues of the company magazine, as well as a National Home Business magazine publication in their "Rags To Riches" section that was distributed though all the major book stores across the U.S.

He is now focused on training people how to be successful in MLM/Network Marketing, and online lead generation for their home based business.

He is the Founder of, www.HomeBizSuccessClub.Net , a site that offers free tools and training for people wanting to build finanacial freedom with residual income through whatever Home Based Business their in.