Mary is a typical small business owner, she keeps herself busy doing the 'hands on' work. In her case it is doing beauty treatments and she told me she keeps doing this because she really enjoys it.

Her clients constantly tell her how great she is, which makes her feel appreciated. However it can also trap her into staying 'on the tools'. Mary has 5 people on her team, but she still struggles with letting them handle her clients. Only problem is Mary stays up late most nights working on her business doing the basic administration and 'trying' to squeeze some time in for marketing. There's barely any time for her to spend with her husband.

The reality is her self-esteem is constantly being boosted through her clients. At home she doesn't receive the accolades and compliments. She's avoiding the problems she has in her marriage, that's why she's kept herself busy.

The Final Word

So next time you say you want more time for your personal life, take a close look at why you are so busy. If something is really that important to you, you will make the time.

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