Do you want to be a mind reader? Well, lets get the disappointing part out of the way: You won't be able to hear the thoughts of others, and there is little evidence that anyone has ever had this kind of ability. Most of what passes as mind reading is a mix of nonsense and psychological tactics for creating the appearance of looking into the mind of another.

The good news is that there are ways to get a clue as to what is going on inside a person's mind. Here are several techniques you can try for yourself. I will warn you though, that these can take practice, and are not always easy.

Reading Lips

Some people move their lips when deep in thought, mouthing the words they are hearing or repeating in their minds. If you train yourself in lip reading, you can pick up on their thoughts in this way. Undoubtedly many lip-reading deaf people already do this.

It is even more common for people to move their lips to the words they're reading. Many of us do this without being aware of it. If you observe people reading books or newspapers, then, you might catch them doing this and with practice decipher the movements of their lips to know what they're reading. What they are reading is likely related to what they are thinking at that moment (no big surprise there), so if you bring it up in conversation, it might appear that you have a way into his or her mind - and you do.

Reading Eyes

Eyes can tell us a lot about what a person is thinking because they simultaneously show us what the person is feeling and what they are looking at. Follow the eyes, and pay attention to the total facial expression, and you may gain some insight into how that man or woman feels about things. Is he fascinated by the buildings around him? Is she disgusted by the dogs in the street?

There is another way to read eyes as well. Our pupils get larger when we see something we like, or even when we imagine something desirable. You can prove this to yourself by watching your eyes in a mirror as you vividly picture your favorite person or place. Your pupils will get bigger in a matter of seconds. This is useful knowledge to have if you want a window into another's mind.

For starters, if a man starts talking to you and his pupils get larger as he is looking at you, it is usually a clear sign of interest. This is also true if you see a man or woman looking at someone or something else. A pupil size-change can be due to a change in light (they get larger when it's darker and smaller when it is brighter), but if you can rule that out, watching for this is a way to see what interests people, and who they like to look at.

More than that, you can suggest an image to a person, to see what happens with his or her pupils. Be vivid in your description. Does an imagined trip to a night club elicit a quick enlarging of her pupils while your description of your favorite mountain stream does nothing? You might want to suggest a trip to the club or find a woman who likes mountains.

The Easiest Way To Be A Mind Reader

Do you have a friend who is always talking about money problems? Then you have a clue as to what he is thinking. The easiest way to be a mind reader is to be aware of the things that your friends and acquaintances are repeatedly saying. What we say comes from what we think, and what we think is usually repeated again and again.

We all advertise our thoughts on our faces, in what we read, what we do and what we say. Pay attention and you'll soon start seeing the clues.

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