Team stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. As a network marketing coach and trainer, I often here the question, How do you build a Network Marketing team? My answer… being a leader.

Building a team begins with leadership. And people aren’t born leaders, they are developed. Leaders are readers and are students of the business. Did you know the average millionaire reads one book per month? If you want to become a master in the network marketing industry do this for one year. If you want to be “the top dog” do it for the next five years. And never stop learning.

Leaders lead each and every day. They are masters of recognition and blaze the way for others. They face and handle confrontation and never lose their vision. It’s okay to lose focus. We all have done it. But never ever lose your vision.

So how do you become a leader? Declare it! Act like it! Commit to personal development. Your business growth will be a direct reflection of your personal growth.

Develop your leadership skills. Learn to communicate effectively and always remember, it’s not about you. It’s about your prospects and your team members.

Commit to your leaders. Let them know you are committed to their success. Be real, be authentic and be passionate. Learn as much about them as possible. Find out about their family, their concerns, their strengths and weaknesses, their goals, their wants and their commitment.

Remember, partnership is a two way street. Make sure they are committed to their success. And let them know you are committed also. Work with those that are working the business and not just talking about it. Build your business in depth. Get to know those leaders that are further down in your organization. Help your leaders develop a business plan and action plan. Participate in conference calls and in meetings.

Be available to your team. Answer the phone and pick up the phone. Be a constant source of information. Always take the higher road and never complain about your upline.

Make a commitment to yourself and to your team. And never, ever quit!

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Willard is a wife, mom, and Network Marketing Professional. She’s a coach, trainer and author. Lisa’s passion is empowering others to reach their goals and their dreams. You can contact her at