A good friend of mine owns a plumbing, electrical and air conditioning services company here in Texas. Danny Hutchins is one of the most fascinating people I've ever known or met. When I need a personal 'positive boost', I stop by his office and spend as much time with him as I possibly can.

Danny created one of the largest service companies in the North Texas region, starting with nothing but an old broken down pickup, a tool box and a dream.

As he and I were talking lately, he shared with me how, as a very young man who didn't finish high school, he took charge of his life by putting his faith into action. Danny would put positive, spiritual and inspirational notes on the dash of his truck while, as he says, “ I prayed that his old truck would take me to his my appointment.”

Danny used those notes to feed his subconscious mind and strengthen his faith in himself and his destiny. He told me, “Michael, I got so into being positive, I didn't even like turning my car radio knobs to the left. To me, somehow that was an image of 'going backwards'.”

Danny's full story of struggle, humble beginnings and 'unbelievable odds against him' would inspire anyone regardless of where they came from, where they are or where they want to go in their lives.

As you can easily understand, you know why I choose to be around just such a man as Danny. He inspires me to be better than I am.

The great Charlie 'Tremendous' Jones writes in his success classic, 'Life Is Tremendous', that, “you will determine where you will be five years from now by the people that you associate with and the books that you read.” That's why I choose friends like Danny.

I heard a comment once regarding Charlie Jones' great quote. A successful entrepreneur said to a younger 'wannabe' protegė, “Son, with the people that you hang around, you better start reading a lot of good books.”

Take a look around you right now. Who are you associating with? Who do you choose to spend your time with? The carpenter from Galilee said, “Take heed to what you hear”. Take notice of what the people that you spend your time are always talking about and thinking about. Remember, 'from the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.' Fill your heart, mind and soul up with trash, guess what comes out in your life?

Whatever you are hearing will become what you are thinking. When you listen to the words of others, the simple act of hearing their words causes you to repeat what they've said in your own mind. That is the only way that you can process what is being said to you. It is how we are designed. It is how our minds work. If you are around folks that are always negative, always blaming others, always negative about the government, always finding fault, then that is what you are thinking if you are listening to them at all.

Several years ago, the 5 time Grammy award winner, B.J. Thomas, sang a song who's title and words were, “I'm gonna play, another, somebody done somebody wrong song. It makes me feel at home.” Well, if, another 'somebody done somebody wrong song' is what you're always hearing, then, you are going to repeat past failures and disappointments. Again, 'as you think, so you become'.

Your mother, along with Dorothy Murphy (my mother), very likely told you to be careful who your friends are. If your friends are not a positive influences in your life, then you might consider shifting those friendships to more positive people. Your life is important. Your life is meant to count for something positive. You weren't given those dreams down deep inside to only 'wish and hope' that they could be realized. They 'are' to be realized.

Give yourself the advantage of creating a power filled and power-full life by choosing who you are going to spend your time with. Expose your life, heart and mind to people who are aspiring for greater things than most will ever hope of attaining. You owe it to yourself.

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