1) Don’t take advantage of something.

Let's say that the woman you're talking to is wearing a sexy outfit. She gets up and walks across the room to get something. She knows that you're going to be looking at her.

But you don’t.

When she turns around to come back, you're looking down at your shoes, and commenting about what great taste you have.

This is subtle, but powerful.

Not taking advantage of a look, a touch, a kiss, etc. when it's available dials up the Sexual Tension.

2) Push her away.

Let's say that you have your first kiss.

Push her away gently just before the kiss "should" be finished. Shake your head. Say, "you're trouble".

Tension Builds.

3) End interactions first.

If you're talking to her on the phone, and you're both enjoying the conversation, say, "Ok, I've got things to do. See ya."

This is magic.

Not only are you ending a great conversation when it was on an up note, but you're also not trying to get anything from her.

Most guys cling and stay on the phone forever, then ask for a date or if they can call later. Don’t do it. Just get off the phone.

If it's the end of the date, leave just a little bit too soon.

The point is to create tension in the moment.

- Everyday Situations

In just about every situation there is an opportunity to turn up the tension.

When you do this, you create a very special emotion for women.

It's that combination of her laughing, her not knowing what's going to come next, and you not acting like a wussy...

It's that special curiosity that is aroused inside of a woman when she doesn't know what's going to happen... but she wants to know...

It's that magical moment when it's obvious that most guys would start acting like clingsy wussbags, and you're just leaning back as if you've got all the time in the world... and you need nothing.

These things spark and amplify Sexual Tension.

And they instantly communicate to women that you understand something that most men don’t.

Now, of course this isn't a simple topic.

There's a lot more to it. In fact, one of the most important factors in creating sexual tension is your ability to not act needy... which has more to do with your self image and overcoming your insecurities than it does with your "behaviors" alone.

As you probably know, I believe that it's as important to work on your "Inner Game" as it is to work on our "Outer Game".

It's as important to learn how to change how you think and feel as it is to learn the words and actions.

You must start on the inside, and work your way outside.

You can have the 100 best pick up lines ever created memorized word-for-word, but if you care too much what women think of you, then they don’t work worth a damn.

In fact, almost nothing will work if you don't have your Inner Game together.

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