Why build rapport - to make your customer feel at ease, and people tend to buy from people they like! Also build rapport to find out the persons real reasons for getting started, the customer won't tell you the real reason if you have a low level of rapport.

Example: They might say self defence but the real reason was they where threatened several weeks ago and they don't feel safe going out anymore, or they want to loose weight but the real reason is to lose weight so they don't feel conscious laid on the beach with friends.

To achieve this we need to build a certain level of rapport and trust.

Example of low level of rapport building

Customer "I like to go parachuting"

Instructor "Do you have any other hobbies"

Is this really showing a genuine interest to develop rapport

Here some example of questions that the Instructor could have asked the customer, to show a genuine interest and develop a high level of rapport:

Who do they go with
What got you into parachuting
When do you go parachuting
Where do you go parachuting
Why do they do it
How often do you go

Let me introduce you to our 6 Friends, that we can use to help develophigh level's of rapport with our prospect.


By asking these questions we are showing an interest in our future student. We want to feel like we are getting along and connecting with the customer.

Even if it is something you are not interested in yourself like knitting or train spotting!, we still have to show an interest to develop rapport that must take a lot of concentration how long have you been doing it

Author's Bio: 

Lee Mainprize is a martial arts marketing and business expert.