First you must gain your visitors trust. Have customer testimonials included in your web site it can boost potential customer’s confidence in you and the product or service you’re offering. Remove customer’s risk of buying by including a money back guarantee. Potential customers are apprehensive when it comes to making purchases, so you must put their mind at ease by building their confidence in you and your products or services.

Showcase work samples that demonstrate how you delivered positive results for your clients. Contact customers who have purchased from you previously and ask them for a testimonial. Remember to get written permission to publish their comments. Keep in mind that people are very busy, so it may mean having to respond to the “what’s in it for me” factor. You can offer your clients one of your products for free or at a discount.

If your product or business is new, then you won't have any customers to gain testimonials from. In this case, you can offer free or demo versions of your products/services to people on the provision that they complete a survey after a trial period and that they allow their comments to be published.

It is important for any business to know what your customer needs or desires. If your products or services solve a problem for your customer, you will win them over. Providing a good service and satisfying your clients will earn repeated visits to your web site. Investigating and understanding their concerns is an ultimate factor in making your business successful.

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