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How to Find and Live your Dreams (Updated)?

"I'd rather attempt something great and fail...
than try nothing and succeed."
- inspiring words from Norman Vincent Peale
(US preacher and author)

Author's Note:
This article was largely based upon a most inspiring adress by
Dr Bruce Wilkinson as aired on the excellent TV program, The Hour of Power in New Zealand on TV3. Though it is quite "religious" (and no matter what the concept of God, or a Higher Power/ Supreme Being means to you), I have personalised some of the information and applied the principles to my own life (with a dash of humour), as in this piece.

The Rev Robert Schuller has been a great inspiration and "mentor" to me in following my personal dream for many years and I'm sharing this piece with the hope and in the spirit of inspiring other people to follow their personal dreams. That is my 'mission' and dream!


What would you do with your life, if you KNEW that you COULD NOT FAIL?

What dream did you carry in your heart when you were a child?

Perhaps it was to be a fireman, a nurse, a policeman, an actor, a footballer, racing driver, a musician or perhaps even a writer ("oh no"!)... but definitely NOT an "insurance man"!

What is your soul telling you to aim for in your life TODAY?

I believe that many dreams (big or small) start in prayer - in
close communion with the Source of Life, the One who knows us
best, our Creator, God, the Infinite Spirit of the Universe.
HOW does this happen?

With FAITH and "possibility thinking". And "heaps" of prayer. Prayer changes our thoughts into another, a higher (loftier) DIMENSION - the SPIRITUAL. It's a change of CONSCIOUSNESS Another analogy may be like this: Just as we live, work and play in the "real world", we can also operate a business or touch lives in another realm, the "world of cyberspace", as I'm hopefully doing in sharing this article). In moments of meditation and prayer (spiritual awareness) our Higher Self connects with the divine,
a Force/Being/Spirit far Greater than ourselves - our spirit connects with Infinite (Divine) Spirit; so that we
draw on an Higher Power with unlimited potential...
the power of God or as Napoleon Hill termed 'Infinite Intelligence'.
And God, Infinite Spirit, a Deity, I believe communicates through the conduit (medium or channel) of our subconscious minds. My "very analytical scientific" friend, Andy (a micro-biologist) calls it the " 'God-gate' to Infinite Intelligence, the Great Designer". We then just have to use our tools of BELIEF (faith) and ask the right questions. EXPECT an answer to our questions, a solution to our life problems (even many big ones). TRUST the process, then leave to 'Invisible Intelligence, Infinite Spirit to work things out for you - the best way possible to move forward. Just relax and allow the
Universe’s Infinite Wisdom to send you the right answers: the Almighty , the Grand Designer of Life WILL.

"Let go, let God, let good."
Here are some good points made by Dr Wilkinson...

* I truly believe that God, the Great Dream Giver, the Ultimate Source, the Ground of our very Being also has a dream for every life and especially YOUR life.

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you...
Before you were born, I set you apart." (Jeremiah 1:5)

and the big dreamers are the ones who'll change the world...
so making it a better place for ALL.

* The secret of the dream: you never know how you're going to do it before you COMMIT to doing it.

* When God gives you a dream in your heart, it is always too big
for you to do...ALONE. So you need a "Partner". It seems overwhelming at first - impossible, way out of your reach; yet somehow it gets achieved. No, not achieved...but surpassed.

"The dreams of great dreamers are never achieved; but with God's help are always transcended - into true miracles...beyond one's wildest dreams."

* Your dream is at the centre of who you really are: It's the 'essence' of who you are as a person - the core of
your very BEING. The dream of God is the reason for the way you are - it drives you and gives a sense of meaning and purpose to your
life: to follow your unique destiny.

* The dream is always outside your comfort zone. (I thought mine was impossible, from where I was ("never in a million years"). However, even our "big-little" dreams fit perfectly into God's bigger plan, His Grand Dream for the Universe. So make your dreams big enough for God to fit in.

* When you start out tentatively, don't focus on the fear - focus on the dream. Then the dream becomes more important than the fear.

* Dreams happen when you accept the fact that the dream is your calling, something YOU HAVE to do to fulfil you. COMMIT fully to it. Say: "I don't know HOW I'll do it, but God will give me the way, if I just proceed and follow the dream. Take that first step in FAITH; then watch what happens.

I have absolutely "zilch" idea where my journey is leading, but in "partnership with the Ultimate Source" guiding me each step of the way, it's tremendously exciting, sliding down "the rapids", er sorry, "waterfalls of life".

It's the will of God, our Creator, that we follow our personal
dreams - fulfilling God's dream is what we have been made to do, based on our skills, talents, gifts and aspirations. In short, our unique personas, who we are as 'human beans'. It's our unique calling in life: to do what we are DESTINED to do and it usually involves helping (serving) others, ie. meeting a human need to help others or make their lives easier or better in some way. I believe the key is making some contribution to the betterment of humanity.
"All of us can become great, because we can all SERVE."
- Martin Luther King (or was it Mother Teresa??)

CHOOSE to follow your dream; because, if you don't, do you
realise how many people will be affected? Because a dream often
lies in helping someone else's dream, or helping them towards achieving it. It is God's dream and consequently can never be selfish.

All dreams start in FAITH, but ones faith gets strengthened as you
take one step after the next. Faith really works and it get's stronger
by the day, when you look back and see how far you've come along the path.

Never give up on your unique calling, YOUR dream, Say, "I will UNTIL." Finally , when you feel stuck in moving ahead with your dream...once you've done all you can, SURRENDER your dream to God, the "Ground of All Being, Truth, Goodness and Joy"..

"Let go, let God, let good."

My dream in sharing this piece is helping others to fulfill their
potentials, their individual dreams through encouragement (and perhaps upliftment). You can't imagine the more you pursue the dream, the more God, the Grand Designer of Life, is going to use you in ways you never imagined possible. We are continually amazed at what we're doing each day...from what started out as the seed of a vision twelve long years ago (when I had no idea how to turn on a computer!). Though many times I've faced innumerable obstacles and often felt stuck, I simply surrendered my dream to God, the Universe. Then I'd get some insight or somehow the Universe would just move me ahead and open up a path for the vision. "Co-incidences?" This journey is a true 'miracle' in action, I believe, that so many people around the globe are involved and helping me greatly, as one person can't do it alone. (Thanks so much, all of you for your many skills and gifts that I don't have - you know who you are and also that I'm a total "non-techno wally"!). Once you embark on God's dream for your life, watch the way the Universe brings people into your life to help you and to expand the vision (because you can't do it alone). Also my faith is considerably strengthened each day, as I see the process DOES work...and one can see how
far you've come from those tentative first steps. I'm greatly
enjoying this most enjoyable and exciting journey, as I follow my personal dream.

* You’re never too old and you’re never too young to dream big dreams!

Will you go through life one day regretting that you DARED TO
Will you too surrender to your personal ("impossible") dream?
Absolutely NOTHING is impossible* (I can certainly vouch for that!).

"It's kinda fun to do the impossible."

"Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable and
receives the impossible."
- Corrie Ten Boom

Always remember,
God's dreams are far bigger than you could have imagined yourself.

Just TRUST God, the Essence of Life, the Ground of Our Being and enjoy the journey towards your dreams. Absolutely NOTHING is impossible. Just BELIEVE in your dream.
You CAN do ANYTHING with God's help and your individual journey can be used to honour the infinite love of our Creator.

So how about doing something about following your passion and pursuing your dream TODAY?

Lord, fit my "little" dream into Your grand plan for this world

Shared by Craig Lock ("Incorrigible Encourager, Information and Inspiration Distributor")

"A man (OOPS, or woman) without a dream is destined never to
fulfill his or her full potential in life. Never give up on
your dream... but take time to smell the flowers on your
very individual journey.' Be yourself and daily count your
blessings; then try to make a difference in the world -
however small. Try to shine your own little ray of sunshine
to make the lives of others easier in some small way.
You can derive the greatest pleasure from treading the
wildest uncertain path down the 'river of life...and just
being you."

"Life is about finding, then following the dream... and
one's dream/vision comes to reality through believing in
yourself, making the commitment and then creating it."
- craig

"Our talents are our gifts from God...
but what we do with them are our gifts TO God."

PPS: Thank you sincerely, Drs Wilkinson and Schuller for sharing your insights and wisdom in encouraging me down my 'untrodden path', as I follow my dreams; but most of all, for serving as a vessel to illuminate God's unlimited love for all of us, His children.

P.S: LOVE is the greatest and most powerful force in the world;
so shine your own unique bright light on an often darkened world a spirit of living at the highest level of humanity.

"When the world is filled with love, people's hearts are overflowing with hope."

About the submitter:
In his life mission Craig hopes to help, encourage, motivate, uplift and perhaps even inspire people to be their best through realising their full potentials. His dream is seeing people finding, striving for the "seemingly impossible" and one day perhaps even realising their personal goals and dreams having great FUN along the journey.

"We have it all within, but we get from without, the Ultimate Source."
- craig

THIS PIECE MAY BE FREELY PUBLISHED (with acknowledgment to Dr Schuller, please)

"What we learn in the darkness...
we are to share in the light."

Author's Bio: 

In his life mission Craig hopes to help, encourage, motivate, uplift and perhaps even inspire people to be their best through realising their full potentials. His dream is seeing people finding, striving for the "seemingly impossible" and one day perhaps even realising their personal goals and dreams having great FUN along the journey.

"We have it all within, but we get from without, the Ultimate Source."
- craig