I have found the key to feeling good is balance. Easier said than done. For most of us, our daily grind seems out of whack and hectic. How do you find time for yourself in order to live a more balanced life? The points I offer below have been made many times before. They seem simple and practical, but hard to find the disciple to engrain in our busy lives. We cab become more conscious of our habits and choose new, healthier ones.


Exercise and then do it again. Brain experts tell us that if you exercise 4 times a week for a half hour each time you will live longer, and not get the old age diseases. A key to health is blood flow into all our organs and systems. Exercise increases blood flow. So, find a few you like and keep flowing. With the price of gas these days, consider walking or biking instead of driving. You don’t need a fancy health club to exercise in your neighborhood.


I have always believed that we are what we eat. I pay close attention to how I feel after I eat. If you have a stomachache or headache you might ask, “What did I eat that made this body feeling happen?” Be more aware of the connection food has on your health.

There are so many books on nutrition you can read. They all have a common element running through them. If you eat well, you will feel well and perhaps live longer. Go easy on the ‘white’ and processed foods including sugar, white flour, saturated fat, red meat, and fried foods. Consider these foods ‘sometimes foods’, not every day foods. Everyday foods include fruits and vegetables. Many parents feed their children processed and fast foods. It is unfortunately one of the growing reasons for obesity in our youth, not to mention sluggish thinking and feeling tired. Many moms think a happy meal is a healthy food choice. Think again. Another reasons for the rise in obesity is soda pop. How often do you or your kids drink a can of pop? It is a sometimes food. Why do we treat our cars with more care than our bodies? Watch what you put in your mouth. Be conscious of the effect the foods you choose have over your daily energy. Keep a list of everything you eat for one week and be surprised. New research shows a food diary can help weight loss.


Studies state that we need 8 hours or more of sleep each night. The better your sleep, the more your brain grows. When I was young we though in order to do well on a test we should stay up all night, drinking coffee and studying. New studies show this thinking to be unhealthy. The clearest thinking came from the well-rested student. Research shows that most driving accidents stem from sleepy drivers. Another myth is that we can catch up on sleep over the weekend or by napping. You cannot ‘catch up’ on sleep. A good nights rest is 8-10 hours continuously. It is also good to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. Regulating your body rhythm is healthful. Examine your rest habits and work on sleeping more.


We all need to manage our stress daily with relaxation techniques that fit our personality and lifestyle. Perhaps Meditation, Yoga, Prayer, Thai Chi, Karate, Self Hypnosis, or Biofeedback will be your choice. I have enjoyed meditating for over 30 years. Meditation comes from 2 Latin words; meditari, which means to think, and mederi, which means, to heal. The Sanskrit version medha means wisdom. Meditation means, to join together. Meditation allows your mind to settle inward beyond thought to experience the source of all thought. You leave the earth behind and become one with your God or divine source.

In my psychotherapy practice, I encourage people to discover some sort of meditation or relaxation. There are great spiritual teachers who can share their meditation secrets with you. There is no pill for bliss. “The force is with you.” Try all the forms I mentioned earlier until you find what excites you.


You are what you think you are. Your thoughts have power. When you think something, it goes into your body and into the universe. Your thoughts effect your body and may produce illness. Think yourself well. Perception controls your biology, changes your genes and motivates change. Your body can be a victim to your terroristic thoughts. This concept requires self responsibility. It's not some foreign external germ causing my sickness, but my internal negative thinking about myself. Wow! This is getting too personal. With this view you cannot blame anyone for your present state of mind or body. Once we take responsibility, then we must be prepared to admit our weakness and stand corrected.

Author's Bio: 

Mary Kay Thill, MA, LCPC, CCSAC a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, motivational speaker, spiritual guide, and writer with over 25 years of experience helping others grow. I have a background in individual, marital, and family psychotherapy. My work history includes outpatient treatment centers, community mental health, and I was the clinical director at a home for young women.