Are you tired of excuses? Looking for a persuasion technique to get people to take immediate action?

Are prospects saying things to you like: "I'll think it over and get back to you?" "I need to talk it over with my wife." "Call me next week and we'll set up an appointment."

Then create a sense of urgency and get your clients to want what you have now!

The first step in getting people to take immediate action is for them to perceive your product or service as being in demand or in limited supply. People want what is "hot" right now.

Psychologists have proven, people find more value in things they have a difficult time obtaining. If you're told you can't have something, you want it even more.

Infomercials tell you that if you call now they will give you another one free or knock $20 of the original price. Shopping networks use a time limit or tell you they only have so many left. Marketers know how to create a sense of urgency.

Have you noticed when you are starving for new business you have an attitude that you would do anything to get business. You make promises you normally wouldn't make. You're practically on your knees begging them to do business with you. You can feel it and so can your customers.

They see the look in your eyes and hear the tone of your voice and will do anything to get rid of you.

People figure if you're desperate for business then you must not be any good, because if you were you would be in high demand. People want to do business with successful people.

How do you put this persuasion technique in action and create a sense of urgency?

First, don't be so accessible. Make it difficult for people to get an appointment with you. What I mean is, don't say I can do it any day this week. Instead use a more persuasive technique by saying, I'm very busy this week, however, I might be able to squeeze you in.

Give them a deadline. If people think they have unlimited time to make a decision about your product or service they will stall and procrastinate. Set a time limit for your offer and stick to it.

Be selective about who you work with. Set standards for the type of client you are willing to work with. You will give people the impression that you are busy and that you don't work with just any one. Some people will even go out of their way to conform to your standards to work with you.

Use the persuasive technique of "take away selling". What I mean is say something like, I'm not sure that our product is right for you. Or maybe our service isn't the right match for your company. Remember, people want what they can't have. By taking it away from them they will search for reasons why they want it now.

Creating a sense of urgency in sales is a win - win for both you and the client. For the client it helps to move them to make a decision to buy something they wanted anyway. For you, it means more sales and the sense of accomplishment for moving people to make a decision that will benefit them.

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