how to impress people?

Do you think its hard to impress someone?
Do you think it’s hard to make someone admire you?
In fact it’s not hard at all. I know what’s going on in your mind right now, I am sure you are telling yourself, “if it was that easy then why do some people spend years trying to get others admiration yet fail?”

The answer is, because they are doing it the incorrect way. If you want to know the right way to impress people or to make people admire you then read this article.

Trying to impress people, the Wrong way

When a guy decides to try to let someone admire him he usually makes a false assumption which is:

"What makes me like a person is the same thing that could make another person like me. So I if admire self made millionaires then telling my friends that I am a self made millionaire will let them admire me."

Then our friend goes, doing everything in the world to convince his friends that he is a self made millionaire yet no one admire him!! This happens because, for every one of us there is something that makes him tick, what impresses me may not be impressive at all to someone else.

who cares about your money as long as i don't need it? who cares about your courage as long as i have tons of it? who cares about your super sized muscles as long as i am as strong as you?
Who are the people you are trying to impress?

People are impressed most by those who do things they can’t do themselves or by those who posses’ things they are badly in need of, that’s why impressing a shy introvert may require a way different strategy than impressing an outgoing extrovert.

If someone fears the unknown then he could be impressed by someone who is having a full control of his life.
If someone is trying to be rich he may be impressed by someone who has good money collecting abilities, not necessary a millionaire, but someone who has a skill that he is badly in need of.

If someone is feeling helpless he may be very impressed by someone who seems to know how to deal with every life problem he faces.

As you see, impressing people has no general formula but it depends on the background of the person you are trying to impress. Fortunately you are living in the era of the internet where social networking websites can provide you with tons of information about someone you barley know. Collect as much information as you can about the person you are trying to impress using these websites. Try to identify his behavior, his needs and his emotions then show him that you have what he is in need of. This is the simple formula for impressing people.

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