Job overloaded is one of the biggest problems nowadays.

The ideas here can help you to reduce the unnecessary works and only work on those important tasks. And it is not just time management but also help you to grow your company’s sales at the same time.

Read the conversations between Dr. Steven Lee and Mabel on how to get everything done, reduce stress, become more productive and take control of your life.

Dr. Steven : Now we formulate out our work.

Dr. Steven : It’s called “6 Tasks Daily”.

Mabel : How?

Mabel : 6 tasks a day is too many.

Dr. Steven : It’s simple.

Dr. Steven : Write down the tasks at 5:15pm before you go home, and then finish it next day.

Dr. Steven : 6 tasks are some important and some not so important one.

Dr. Steven : Just write now and finish it everyday. Start from today and arrange the tasks according to priority from 1 to 6.

Dr. Steven : At least has a direction for tomorrow’s work.

Mabel : It may not be suitable for the small company as a lot of unexpected things can happen to it everyday.

Dr. Steven : All companies are the same, only need a proper time management.

Dr. Steven : Start today and write down the tasks.

Mabel : But each person has multiple tasks everyday.

Dr. Steven : List only 6 tasks.

Mabel : May be I can have a try.

Dr. Steven : Yes.

Mabel : For example, I hope to finish Task-3, but internet access was down and I cannot complete it today. So how should I go about?

Dr. Steven : Then put the task for tomorrow.

Mabel : Ok.

Mabel : Actually I always write now things that needed to done as reminder in case I forget.

Dr. Steven : Oh, that’s good.

Mabel : The difference is, I write it down when something appear in my mind.

Dr. Steven : Then it is easy for you.

Mabel : But you ask me to write it down at the end of the working day?

Dr. Steven : No, I say write down first, then arrange it at the end of the day.

Dr. Steven : Now you only need to add one more step that is, to arrange the tasks according to priority before the end of day.

Mabel : Ok.

Dr. Steven : Even if you can only finish 3-4 tasks a day, it is already considered good

Dr. Steven : Because you have completed the important one already then the task 5 and 6; which is not so important, can be carried forward to tomorrow.

Mabel : Yes, this will be clearer now for everything

Dr. Steven : Oh, that’s good.

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Dr. Steven : Among 6 tasks – 3 tasks are marketing activities.

Marketing is the main core for a business to grow; the rest of the things are 2nd priority. Put marketing in first the place then follow by management and other things.

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1. Before leaving the office or going to sleep, write now all the tasks in a piece of paper.

2. Follow the priority 1-6 rankings; write down only 6 tasks.

3. Early next morning when you reach office, follow the tasks listed in the paper, and try to finish it one-by-one.

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