Last week I went to purchase some food at the local deli and asked the owner what the ingredients were in the ham he sold. He was very unhelpful as I took him away from preparing food to put into the display case.

So I walked out and didn't spend my money with him and won't go back again.

I then walked into the fruit shop where the owner is extremely helpful. I always ask him for recommendations as to which bananas are the best, how sweet are the apples etc.

These are questions women generally ask when spending their money. The owner and his sister who works there are so helpful and always suggest I sample the fruit beforehand...and guess what? I buy it!

When I entered their shop, Mary was busy mopping the floor. As soon as I came in, she stopped what she was doing to look after me.

She had two choices, continue mopping or make some money. A no-brainer isn't it?

The Final Word

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