3) Do "Thoughtful" Things From The Beginning

What's better than a nice, thoughtful guy showing up at the door with flowers and candy for the first date? Well, to quote an old Saturday Night Live episode, "Throwing an entire box of thumb tacks on the floor, and rolling around in them naked".

Or maybe taking one of those...you know... serrated knives...yeah, that's it...and putting it between your big toe and second toe and slicing back and forth really fast...and then pouring... you know...hot sauce...yeah, that's it...on the wound!

I hate it when that happens!

But we men do this kind of thing all the time...because it sure sounds good in the moment.

By the way, don't try the thumb tack thing or the hot sauce thing unless you're considering purchasing flowers and candy to bring to a first date. In that case, please take these measures to prevent yourself from acting on the uncontrollable

If you come on too strong, you appear just like every other predictable Wussboy that has ever tried to make himself look better by giving gifts and food and favors in exchange for attention and approval.

4) Tell Her How You "Feel" About Her Early On

This might be one of my favorites.

I'm starting to think that we guys must come stock with a mechanism that actually compels us to open our big fat mouths and screw things up with only the best women.

I'll call this the "Feeling Confessor" mechanism. It is triggered by strong feelings of attraction and emotion toward an unusually attractive woman.

I've talked to a lot of attractive women in my life. And they all have one similar experience to share...

For some unknown and ungodly reason, men just seem to love telling super hot women how they feel within the first couple of dates.

As you might realize, I get a lot of emails from guys...

And one of the common emails I get goes a little something like this:

"David, I met this unbelievably hot girl...she's smart, interesting, successful...everything seemed to be going well...so I decided to tell her how I
felt...and for some reason she said that she needs some "space" and some "time to be alone"...I don't get it...."

Again, when you do this you're making all kinds of huge mistakes...and basically doing everything you can do to lose her.

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