Trying to lose fat is a goal that many share even if you are a little overweight. Have you ever seen someone who loses weight only to look a little smaller, but still "fat?" Or are you one of those who are looking for a fat loss program as opposed to a weight loss program?

Losing fat can be a challenge for anyone. But, by sticking to simple rules and learning the real reason why you are fat, you may make it easier for yourself to lose fat and keep it off.

Note that the first few days of any change in habits is the hardest. This is the learning process. But - cravings are intense causing many of us to fail. In addition, the markets are loaded with "light foods" and "fat free" foods that don't work. These are nearly as bad as eating the regular version of the foods. (Do you really think that eating light baloney will help you lose weight?)

In America, 68% of the population is obese, creating an epidemic. This trend is not lessening, but growing. We blame it on poor diet, genetics, hormonal imbalances and a general lack of self-control. All of these can be factors in having excess body fat or weight gain. Modern diets and weight loss drugs are not working if the problem is growing. It is time for a new way of thinking.

Simply put - you have been misguided with wrong information. We have all been given wrong information for years. For example; calories are what makes you fat. So if you eat less calories, you will lose weight. But what if your diet is only 1200 calories but these calories are in the form of cookies? See the flaw? You may lose some weight, but not fat.

All fats in food are bad is another lie you have been told. Some people still believe that avocados make you fat. Now we know there are different kinds of fat and some are necessary. In fact, if you do not eat "good fats," you can cause a range of health issues from hormonal imbalances to depression and heart disease. The truth is that good fats like Omega 3's and 6's are needed for good health and help you lose fat!

And the grandest of misinformation is that your body knows how to cleanse itself and will do so when necessary. Even a "board certified nutritionist" claimed that your body can cleanse out whatever it doesn't need. This flaw is obvious. This is simply stating that if you eat what your body doesn't need, such as excess calories and fat, your body will eliminate it.

This is obviously wrong. There are too many people who are overweight and cannot lose fat. This is because if you eat too much, your body doesn't eliminate the excess, your body stores it! Add to this the fact that it does matter what type of calories you eat.

Many of our foods are processed with chemicals that stay in the food. The problem is that your body does not have the necessary gene code to tell it what to do with man-made chemicals. This can cause problems since it is known that toxins from chemicals and even metals can be stored in the fatty areas and in the fat cells themselves.

The truth is that your body needs help cleansing. As your body becomes over-burdened, it becomes suppressed and cannot do what it is made to do such as eliminating waste or cleansing. It is proving to be true that stored toxins can make it more difficult to lose fat. Recent studies have uncovered the fact that certain toxins interfere with hormones and can even mimic hormones.

And the worst news you don't want to hear... we are animals and as with all animals, we can get parasites. Many want to ignore this problem claiming it doesn't exist because of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and technology. But if this were the case, we should also be immune to bacteria and virus. But we know better for we take precautions against them and even take antibiotics or antivirals to combat them, though we cannot see them.

The parasite issue is a common problem often ignored by the medical community. The subject is gross and we don't want to hear about it. But ignoring a problem rarely eliminates it. The fact is that parasites have been common in societies and man has taken course to deal with them for millennia. Only modern society is the first to ignore the problem. But in many older cultures you see the use of parasite control from eating wasabi and ginger with raw fish to regularly eating pumpkin seeds in Mexico.

So think about it - why are we addicted to junk food? Why is it so hard to overcome cravings? If self control is the issue, wouldn't mankind have died off due to eating ourselves to death? Here's what is really happening; parasites excrete waste into our bodies. Some doctors claim this waste can accumulate in and around the hypothalamus throwing it off balance and inhibiting its function. This in turn will cause your body to store more fat.

The bottom line is this; if you want to lose fat, you must eliminate the cause that is making you fat or you risk gaining it all back in a short time. Cleansing is a must and using a parasite program can help many. Eliminate all junk and processed foods, eat mostly fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains and cleanse your body. When done properly, you can gain more energy, hold on or regain that youthful look and stay healthier and lose fat for life.

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Cindy has been helping clients lose waste and weight for 17 years. Learn more about a real fat loss program or a weight loss detox to help you get rid of cravings and weight while you gain true health.