The only time we have to prepare ourselves for a hopeless situation is before an event occurs. If you wait until you are in the midst of a crisis, accident or dilemma, it is too late. You can only respond in the manner you have practiced before the event. Let me give an example of preparation that began when I was in nurses’ training at the California Hospital School of Nursing.

Training for Disasters

I trained in one of the oldest hospitals in the Los Angeles area, an area well-noted for its violence. Located on the corner of Hope St. and W. Pico Blvd. (the northern border of the 1965 Watts Riots), our dormitory was a very old three-story wood structure which would burn down in less than three minutes, or so we were told. Every month we had a fire drill in the middle of the night. Our neighbors loved it! They were all eyes as the student nurses went running out of the building into the street in their underwear or pajamas. One thing we were taught to do was grab a towel, soak it in water and throw it over our head as we left the building. I know that slowed us down and when it took five or more minutes to evacuate the building, I always wondered if that was really necessary. Nevertheless, I did as I was told and time and again, I wet that bath towel before exiting the building, never certain if it was just a fire drill or the real thing.

Ten years later I was grateful for that training. One cold wintry night, my husband woke me up shouting, “Beck, the bed’s on fire!” Our electric blanket had shorted out and burst into flames at the foot of our bed. Instinctively I rolled out of bed and rushed to the bathroom, grabbed the first towel I could find, soaked it in water and rushed back to the bedroom. I handed it to my husband who asked, “What’s this for?” I was dumfounded for a few seconds and replied, “I don’t know—I guess it’s to put the fire out.” He had already done so, by beating the flames with a pillow. So much for preparation!

Of course it was a miracle that we were not harmed. Neither were any of our five children. In fact, we did not even have the smell of smoke on us—I always wondered why that was so. But the reason I’ve told this story is to draw your attention to how we were prepared --by repetition! Each time when the fire alarm sounded, we had practiced the same steps over and over again. Then, when the actual need arose, I didn’t need to think about it -- I acted from habit.

Training for Miracles

That’s what we’re doing with the 30-Day Miracle Experiment. Every day we are practicing this affirmation: “Even though this situation looks bad (or hopeless or endless) I am opening a Window of Possibility to an unexpected outcome.”

If you practice something for 30 days, it will have a good chance of staying in your subconscious mind. Then, when something overwhelms you, when “adversity” or bad news occurs, the truth of this affirmation will surface and you will hear your thoughts or words say something like, “Even though this situation looks impossible, I’m holding that Window of Possibility open for a miracle.”

How wide does that window need to be open to allow a miracle?

—One half of one degree—

Not 100%. Not 51%. Not 10%. It just needs to be “unlocked.”

The goodness of the Universe is eager to do something wonderful for you! I know you’ve been disappointed in the past. I know you’ve been hurt and you’ve put a padlock on your heart—I know! I have too! It’s scary at first…that’s why we practice daily, over and over again while the waters are calm and the earth is solid. For when things begin to “shake, rattle and roll,” we instinctively reach for the Window in our subconscious self and unlock it, inviting Spirit in.

The results will be outstanding! I promise.

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Rebecca, founder of the Law of Attraction Training Center and author of Law of Attraction for Business, has used her unique blend of rational and intuitive gifts to masterfully assist thousands of people in the art of deliberately creating the life and business they truly want.

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