Reviews - How To Publish & Market a Book Without Jumping Off a Cliff, by Carol Adler

So you’ve written a book, or hope to write one some day, and you’re lost in the maze that book publishing has become. You want to be educated and knowledgeable about the entire process, but where can you find the information you need? Carol Adler is a professional writer, editor, ghost writer, book doctor, teacher of English and Creative Writing, and publisher. She’s been where you are now and survived to tell about it in this book. Her guidelines are helpful, sensible, clearly stated, and might just save you from jumping off that cliff mentioned in the title. Her book is packed full of details, including the following:

**How to publish and market your book online yourself instead of jumping through the flaming hoops of agents and mainline publishers;

**How to make sure your book is professionally edited so you won’t look like an amateur;

**What publishers are looking for – a writing style rich with imagery and characters or information that come to life on every page;

**How and where to create a website with online marketing capabilities and expose and promote your work through online networking;

**How to choose the right publisher, one that provides a quality product and expert personal service without censoring your work;

**How to tell the difference between vanity publishers, co-publishers, and print on demand (POD) publishers;

**How to protect yourself from piracy and copyright theft.

Marketing can be the most difficult part of the publishing process because it’s a huge investment of time and money. If you’ve ever wondered why the already rich and famous get preferred treatment from publishers while unknown writers of excellent work get rejected, the cost of marketing is why. In this section, Adler outlines a marketing to-do list:

**The advantages and disadvantages of online sales;

**How to build a keyword specific website;

**Suggestions for joining the internet community through blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, etc.;

**How to create a sales campaign;

**Linking products and services;

**Promoting yourself. HINT: Your work should reveal who you are as a person and reflect your values and passions.

Along with excellent, easy to read information, Carol Adler provides hope for what often seems to be a hopeless dream for writers. Regardless of genre, your work can be published if you do your homework and follow certain guidelines. Some of the best books ever written were originally self-published and/or rejected by traditional publishers in the past. But that doesn’t have to happen to you. The electronic age is here. E-books are gaining popularity thanks to hand held reading devices, such as Amazon’s Kindle reader. You have more options now than writers ever had in the past. This exceptional book covers all the information you need to find success as a writer. Highly recommended.

Review by Laurel Johnson, Author
The Alley of Wishes & My Name is Esther Clara
Senior Reviewer for The Midwest Book Review


In today’s fast-paced high tech world, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain. Add to that the fact that the publishing world has completely changed its face in less than ten years. Very little is the same. Technology has replaced a good portion of the old publishing paradigm. How does an author, unless him/herself high tech, find his/her way around?

As one of those authors who is not high tech, I found Adler’s book to be a godsend. It lays a clear path through the bewildering array of possible and probable technology, programs, offers and opportunities available to us.

Adler quotes Ron Pramschufer from his “Publishing Basics” newsletter, where he delineates an important distinction: “writing is a love, publishing is a business.” If you really want your book to succeed today, for most of us it means stepping beyond our love to do business. Adler has provided a bible on how to do so, complete with pitfalls to beware of and opportunities to nab.

After gobbling up How to Publish & Market a Book Without Jumping Off a Cliff, I felt able to step through the usual haze of confusion induced by technology and say, “Thank you. I believe I can do this now.”

Solara Vayanian, Author
Time Out of Mind & The Stars Gave Passion


We have entered a new era of refreshed personal accountability in our nation and perhaps, the world. Carol Adler’s professional and candid approach to fulfilling one’s publishing dreams in How to Publish & Market a Book Without Jumping off a Cliff stands as a beacon of this philosophy.

Most writers deeply and genuinely desire to define in clear expression realities about life and its choices. The text reminds us that “publishing and writing is a statement of your values, commitments, and passions…let your work reflect your life purpose.” Even with this tutoring, Ms. Adler openly evaluates the present landscape for having one’s work created in mainstream publishing. The system’s demand for locating a literary agent poses daunting obstacles. Unsolicited manuscripts rarely find a seat of honor in this arena.

Pramschufer, an entrepreneur in the digital book publishing industry, underscores factual awareness when he explains that “writing is a love and publishing is a business.” The book created must read well and be professionally edited to offer value in marketing. With this in mind, Ms. Adler strikes a note for activism in urging us to “leap off the bandwagon of mainstream publishing” to build a website and customize a marketing plan. Just as the work offers ideas and thoughts of import, so must networking to reach toward contacts for the book’s sale. There exists a difference between self-publishing and co-publishing.

Affordability has attained freedom with the meeting of the internet and digital book publishing along with on-demand publishing. As quality content has become available through professionalism away from the mainstream firms, writers must stretch with revisions to beome stronger in their works. “Vanity” becomes passe.

How to Publish & Market a Book opens the path for the brave new world of communication linked with standards and the beauty of expression. Legally, the field’s skill in issuing texts requires protection from piracy and copyright theft. Adler’s book is full of websites and valuable information for the writer who wishes to be only that and for those who desire to step into the publishing domain. She examines pitfalls and options. This vital manuscript offers additional information on the community of contacts, fees, ghostwriting, and suggestions for website marketing. With Ms. Adler’s help, Ray Bradbury’s quote comes to life: “You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down.”

--Becky Reed, Author
Romance Stew
Reed Personal Assistant

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