If you want to stop yourself dead in your tracks while finding your passion-filled career believe this..."I can't make enough money doing what I love. This belief alone is strong enough to keep people from exploring new and interesting careers. Often I hear client's saying, "I love doing ________ but I could never make enough money at it." They keep searching for what they want to do which is hard because they have already discounted the business/career they really wish they could have! In fact often this belief is used as an excuse to avoid exploring ANY options.

The fact is when we say "I can't" those two little words will shut down creativity faster than a spring loaded trapdoor. All of a sudden we wonder why we can't seem to get any good ideas. The problem is we just told our mind "I can't" and the subconscious which is always trying to make us right says,"That is right you can't make money doing anything you love so no more ideas for you!"

What if we changed that belief to, "I make excellent money doing what I love."? How would that change our exploration process? My guess is that we would explore different options with greater enthusiasm and lightheartedness. We would keep our minds open and creative. All of a sudden we would see more options then we thought possible. (The hard part may be to choose the best one for us but that is the topic for another article!)

Here are some simple exercises you can do to help you change your limiting belief, "I can't make money doing what I love." to a supporting belief, "I make excellent money doing what I love." First begin noticing people who make great money following their passions. Ask around, read biography's, listen to the news to find people who are thriving and loving their work. If one of those successful people is doing what you wish to do use them and their business as a model. There is no need to start from scratch. Find out how they took what they loved and made it successful.

Another way to not only change your belief but also open up your creativity is to enlist the help of a supportive, positive friend for a brainstorming session. Start with what you love and want to do and then come up with ways that you can earn money with your beloved career/business. What passive income streams can you develop? Often people who are financially successful doing what they love have several revenue streams. How many can you think up? Be willing to be outrageous in your brainstorming. Many times from those crazy, "impossible" ideas come some very workable, successful ideas. Keep open and have fun!

You can create an abundant career/ business you love. The first step is to believe it. Everyday state the belief you wish to have. The belief that will support you in reaching your dreams. Soon you will be the one that inspires others to believe that they too can make plenty of money doing what they love!

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