New Zealand is an outstandingly beautiful country with an unending sequence of dream landscapes. To do justice, you will love the experience of travelling around in a New Zealand campervan rental

Make sure the vehicle is reliable by checking to see if the rental company includes 24 hour AA (Automobile Association) roadside assistance

Campervans which are fully equipped with living equipment – bedding, cutlery, gas cookers, fridges to make your holiday stress free. Make sure that the rate you pay per day includes living equipment as some companies will charge extra for this.

Make sure that the campervan you are looking to book meets your needs. Contact the supplier to make sure that the campervans that they have on fleet will suit what you are looking for as there are a range of different campervans on the market to suit different budgets, number of travellers & luxury levels.

Many of the campervans that are offered in New Zealand range from older camper vans to new vehicles with new fit-outs. The prices of the camper vans sometimes reflect this. Vehicles can range from 10 years old right up to recent model campervans with brand new interior fit-outs

Check to make sure what type of fuel the campervans take and keep this in mind when organising your travel plans and budgets. Diesel is a lot cheaper than petrol in New Zealand making it a more economical way to travel around New Zealand in a camper van hire. You will find most of the larger campervans will be diesel, however only some companies offer the smaller campervans in diesel.

Make sure that you are clear on what the rate you are paying per day includes. If you contact the supplier they will be able to tell you what is included and what is excluded.

If you are under 21 years old it is VERY important to make sure that the company you are looking to hire your campervan from will accept you as a driver. Most companies will have a minimum age of 21 years to hire a vehicle. Make sure you contact the company to make sure that you can hire through them and if there are any surcharges etc

If you are travelling to both the North and South Island make sure that you are aware of the company's policy on the ferry crossing between both the islands. Some companies have depots on either side (in Wellington on North Island and Picton on South Island) while some companies do not. So you need to take the vehicle on the ferry. It is known that it is easier to just drive your vehicle onto the ferry and off on the other side instead of changing vehicles, transferring luggage and doing new contacts etc.

At Jucy Rentals, we strive to the hilt to provide YOU, our valued customer as many benefits as possible to make your New Zealand campervan rental experience a memorable one. Some of the highlights of our cmaper van hire service are:

Jucy offers complete AA support as well as a 24 hour replacement vehicle policy. If a campervan cannot be repaired within 24 hours, we will deliver a new vehicle within 24 hours

The Jucy campervan hire rates includes living equipment and we do not charge extra for this

Jucy offers a wide range of campervan hires namely the Crib, the Charga, the Chaser and the Cruiza. Jucy custom builds its own camper vans and offers these new vehicles at really affordable rates.

Jucy camper vans (except the Crib) all run on diesel thus reducing your fuel bills significantly.

Rates for Jucy camper vans include Standard Insurance, GST (Goods and Services Tax), unlimited mileage and free 24 hour AA roadside assistance.

Jucy Rentals hires to 18 year olds and above. The rates do not change, the insurance excess is just slightly higher.

With a Jucy camper van hire, you must take the vehicle across on the ferry as we do not have offices either side. This is more convenient for the client and we offer discounted rates on the ferries for our clients.

Jucy Rentals is the fastest growing camper van company in the New Zealand camper van hire industry. Our camper vans are an amazing blend of state of the art appliances and optimum use of space to deliver you the utmost in comfort and style and at the same time not hurt your purse strings.

Courtesy: Tim Alpe
Jucy Rentals

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Tim Alpe is the CEO of Jucy Rentals. Jucy is the market leader in the New Zealand car hire and campervan rental industry. With a tourism background and a passion for cars, Tim inspires the growth of Jucy with his dynamic vision and energy. It is time you had a break in a Jucy campervan. Come visit us at