If you’re looking for advice on how to stop drinking and taking drugs, hopefully I can help.

But before I do that, let me give you the bad news first ...

If you’re looking for a genuine solution to alcoholism or drug addiction and really want to stop drinking and using, ultimately the only person that can make it happen is YOU.

Sounds kind of obvious, I know. But you’ll be amazed how many addicts miss that one, single, potentially life-altering fact.

Because if you’re like most alcoholics and drug addicts, you’re so deep in DENIAL, playing the blame game, that you can’t see you’re the cause and ultimately it’s YOU that has to take responsibility for turning your life around.

That may sound harsh, but it’s true. Yes, life may have been hard and there may have been all sorts of justifiable reasons for you picking up a bottle or taking that hit, but ultimately you still CHOSE to do so.

Am I saying then that addiction is simply a choice and it’s simply a matter of will power in you overcoming your fight with alcohol or drugs?

Not at all ... because I do believe addiction is a disease, but you do have a CHOICE as to what you do about it.

Life has dealt many of us a pack of cards that is far from ideal, but it’s how you respond to that, that will ultimately determine where you end up and the quality of life you lead.

But you can’t do anything about your life and make changes for the better – until you can look yourself in the mirror and say, ‘I have to take full responsibility for my alcoholism or drug addiction – and the resulting mess my life has become – because only I have the power to get myself out of this.’

There can be no ‘but’s’ and ‘if’s’. No conditions. ‘If it is to be, it’s up to me’ has to be your motto ...

And then ... only then are you ready, ready to change, ready to be helped and ready to turn your life around.

So STEP ONE in how to stop drinking and taking drugs, the most crucial step, is an ATTITUDE. An attitude that says, ‘I’m ready to stop making excuses and to take full responsibility for taking the ACTION I need to take to overcome my addiction.’

And then everything will fall into place and be easy is what you’re hoping I’m going to say next, right?

Wrong! Sorry to disappoint you, but then it gets really tough. That is when the struggle really begins because you’ll have to start facing all your demons and be prepared to get really uncomfortable, before things get better.

The easy option is always to pick up or have a drink if things get tough or uncomfortable. That’s why Step One and taking responsibility for everything you do becomes so important.

Because yes, you may still fall occasionally, but you’ll know it’s only you that can change things, so you’ll keep picking yourself up again until you’ve turned your life around.

So what comes after Step One? What are the things you need to be doing and the actions you need to be taking to get clean and sober?

I’ve put together a website that may be able to help you, Alcoholism-and-Drug-Addiction-Help.com where I’ve put together loads of valuable information that will help you in your quest to turn your life around - and overcome alcoholism and drug addiction for good.

But if you’re really serious about wanting to find out how to stop drinking and taking drugs, the information I’ve just shared with you is CRITICAL. Because it should form the foundation on which you build your recovery, without it everything else becomes almost impossible.

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Carl-Peter is the author of Addiction Uncovered - a Book that will provide you with Advice and Help on How to Overcome Alcoholism and Drug Addiction - which can be Downloaded FREE from his website
www.Alcoholism-and-Drug-Addiction-Help.com/ - where you'll also finds loads of valuable advice and information on dealing with Alcoholism and Drug Addiction