Imagine witnessing someone you love and care about, experience a heart attack right in front of your eyes! What would you do? Obviously call 911 but in the mean time bite their fingers.

Yap, you heard correctly, biting down on the inside edges of the pinky finger's nail triggers a kind of restart action on the heart. It could save your life or someone you care about! I said "bite" not "bleed". A gentle but firm bite is all that is required to stimulate the response needed. This point is located on the heart meridian called HT9.

Acupressure is a time, tested and truly amazing alternative technique using firm but gently pressure on key points along the energy meridians. Using this technique can help you relieve stress and muscle tension, boost your immune system, release endorphins that alleviate pain and much much more!

Acupressure is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Oprah even featured a show with Dr. Oz an accredited author and alternative health practitioner. You can catch that show by visiting this link.

So how can acupressure save your life? Let's move on to the next life saving point.

Suppose someone faints at work. No problem. Try this next point located at the top of the head on the skull. Feel around until you find a little dip, exactly where the soft spot on a baby's head is located. Give that point some good pressure with your thumb, even using you finger nail to give it a pinch has proven effective. This will bring energy back "up" in the body. This point is more commonly used by acupuncturists to prevent varicose veins, prevent miscarriage and to stop a bleeding. The point is located on the Governor Vessel called GV21.

What if you are experiencing an excruciating headache and you can't get your hands on any Tylenol. No problem. Simply squeeze the fleshy part or web on your hand in between the thumb and the first finger. Called the "eye of the tiger" and "belly of the fish" these two points help to bring energy down in the body. Be it tension, anxiety or too much thinking and especially headaches this point can do wonders for you. Hold each point together until the pain subsides. Acupuncturists often use this point to help birth a baby and so should not be used by pregnant women.

Before you go whizzing off to the drug store consider using alternative therapies like acupressure instead. It could save you time, and long waiting lines at the doctor's office. Just recently I went into a clinic for a referral to see a doctor. The waiting time was 4hrs!!! Unbelievable. I left, there's no way I was going to spend my day off in a stuffed clinic.

More and more people are turning to alternative therapies, and for good reasons. Many people are being sliced and diced by doctors. I just recently had a healthy 23yr old woman on my table tell me her doctor removed her gall bladder due to a gall stone! Common, it's crazy! Another woman had her uterus removed due to Fibroids. It just amazed me. With so many natural alternatives out there why people are still going through with painful surgeries. Check out your options, and most importantly be well informed. Always work with practitioners you feel good about. Always follow your gut or intuition when choosing your best treatment option.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and will remember what you now know about acupressure that can save your life!

Author's Bio: 

Vanessa Simpkins is an acupressure practitioner who specializes in teaching others how to stay healthy using natural alternative therapies. If you want to get in touch with Vanessa or learn more about acupressure please visit:Free Information on Alternative Treatment Options