A bibliography can be easily described as any work that describes a book. You might think that making one is tedious and boring considering its nature. On the contrary, writing a bibliography can be quite a fulfilling experience that can help you understand the nature of the text, as well as gain insight into the mindset of the author who created it.

Interested? Well, here are some ideas on how to write a bibliography without the hassle.

Types Of Bibliographies

Knowing how to write a bibliography requires you to understand that there are two ways to make one; each of which will affect the overall content of your project.

You can create an "enumerative" bibliography that defines the book in a comprehensive manner. Usually, this type of bibliography follows a simple format: author, title, publisher, and date of publication.

Another method on how to write a bibliography is what we call "analytical" bibliography. This involves in-depth research into the make of the book, which borders three aspects: 1) descriptive, 2) historical, and 3) textual.

This type of bibliography describes the physical attributes of the book, its history, as well as in-depth information regarding its content.


Doing in-depth research about the book is the first step on how to write a bibliography. For starters, you need to know everything about the book in order to write something comprehensive about it.

Look into different literary works regarding a specific text and list them down for use in your project. You can read other works in a library or look for them on the Internet.

Following The Format

Writing a bibliography follows a fixed format. If you are still new at this, it is advisable to check other works to be used as a basis for your own. Here are some tips on how to write a bibliography in terms of following the correct format:

1. A bibliography must always be in alphabetical order. Usually, the author is the first one on the list, but can be substituted with a title if you can't find the name of the author who penned the book.

2. If there is more than one author of the book, write them down in the order of how they are displayed on the text.

3. Double check the information on the publisher and the date of publication, and make sure that they are correct to avoid any corrections later on.

Knowing how to write a bibliography is quite easy if you learn the details that comes with one. In fact, you can check other bibliographies on the Internet if you want to get as many ideas as you can to turn in a successful project.

Note, however, that your bibliography must sport 100% accurate information to avoid any debates and problems later on.

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