"Worry is the belief that there's nothing you can do to make any effective difference."

I've never seen my cat worry. When she wants something she asks - and she is more demure than Naomi Campbell on a hot night - and a whole lot more persistent. But if, for some reason, she can't get her way there and then she simply curls up and has a nap.

Some instinctive wisdom she has tells her that things will sort themselves out. And they always do.

My cat has wisdom we could all learn from.

There's enough going on in the world to keep us all fretting for a lifetime. Global warming, the credit crunch, obesity, terror attacks...Shall we all get together and have a big worry party?

Fear and negativity, both components of worry, paralyse you. They make you feel the problem is too big. They make you feel powerless and impotent. And what's more, it keeps you poor!

How can it do that? How can worrying keep cash out of your bank account?

Apart from the fact that worry makes you feel bad, it will not solve your money problems either.

Okay, let's get to the core of this. You feel bad because you've not got as much money as you'd like. Worry is itself a bad feeling, and you indulge in it because of a situation that in itself makes you feel bad!

Now I've given you a big hint. The real problem isn't your cash situation - it's how you feel about it! Therefore the solution you're looking for is a better feeling! That's great news, because you can achieve that instantly.

Try ... thinking of the friend who makes you laugh the most ... recalling a sexy moment .... remembering a triumphant moment, a loving moment ...

You have the power to change the way you feel - instantly!

It doesn't solve the problem?

Let's look again. Worry is the belief that there's nothing you can do to make any effective difference. If you're short of cash, you're going to stay right there if you hold onto that belief!

But you've just demonstrated to yourself that you are incredibly resourceful. You can change what you focus on and hence how you feel - in a moment. You can come up with twenty ideas of how to generate more money for yourself in ten minutes if you choose to believe that you're creative. Or if you have a core belief that things always work out. (I refer you to my cat for evidence).

The antidote to worry, therefore, is to hold a belief that there's always a solution; things always work out.

I refer you once more to my cat if you're short of a role model.

I also refer you to "Master Success Secrets" if you require more detailed instructions! (link in bio below)

Author's Bio: 

Trevor Emdon is a life coach & motivational writer and workshop leader from the U.K.

He motivates & inspires his clients to fulfil their dreams. The "Master Success Secrets" mega-pack is available for immediate download from www.master-success-secrets.com