It can be very easy to fall into a workout routine and resist the necessity to change it up. You're in a groove and you can do your workout with your eyes closed. Herein lies the problem. Once your body gets used to a particular routine, you are less likely to continue seeing results and more likely to hit a plateau.

Plateaus are inevitable but can be easily averted with a minimal amount of effort. When you initially begin a new workout regimen your body responds positively by making the adjustments necessary to adapt to the new workload and increase its fitness level and function. After a while your body grows used to the exercises and stops responding. This is the point at which you must put forth the effort to change up your routine!

While you may be comfortable in your routine, you are probably also bored. Not to mention no longer achieving the results you set out to accomplish when you first put together your current routine in the first place.

Here are three tips on how to avoid hitting a plateau with your exercise routine!

Tip #1: Variation: This holds true for weight training and cardiovascular activity. In terms of weight training, it is a good idea to change up your routine every 4-6 weeks to avoid hitting a plateau. You can consider changing the types of exercises you do (overhead tricep extension vs. a tricep kickback) as well as changing the types of sets you do (supersetting which involves doing two different exercises with no rest in between vs. triple-drop sets which involve doing a set to failure with a weight, then immediately doing another set to failure with a lighter weight and repeat.) As for cardiovascular activity, make sure to change it up during the course of a week in order to shock your body. If you normally choose to run five days a week, consider utilizing two of those days to try the Stairmaster and a group fitness class such as Kickboxing.

Remember to use your resources. Fitness magazines, the internet, and cable exercise channels are great resources to construct a new and improved workout.

Tip #2: Challenge Yourself: If you're breezing through your workouts then it is time to up the ante. This holds true for both weight training and cardiovascular activity. As for weight training, it may be time to move to a heavier weight to complete your reps. You should be struggling by the end of the set, not wondering what you're going to eat for lunch. As for cardiovascular activity, it may be time to increase the intensity. You should be able to speak in short sentences only while doing your cardio routine, not carry on a detailed conversation discussing the latest fashion trends.

Tip #3: Don't Overtrain: Overtraining can actually reduce the number of calories your burn. Make sure to give your body a rest so you can recharge and be effective during your workouts.

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