With all this talk of recession, of global economic crisis, of failing banks and creeping foreclosures, of unpaid credit card debts, of mounting monthly bills, how can you stay motivated?

How can you maintain your momentum when under extreme pressure? When the world is full of negativity and helplessness, how can you remain calm and keep your desires burning?

When you feel alone and don’t have anyone to turn to, how can you reignite the spark within? When your business starts to falter, how can you recover with your faculties still intact?

Dwell on motivational materials

Devour books that inspire. Read the biographies of great men and women who have risen from grinding poverty, successive failures, and desperate notoriety. Study self-help or self-improvement literature to resolve your weaknesses.

Put motivational posters and inspiring messages in your walls. And meditate on them constantly. On waking up in the morning, a bedroom poster with this message -- “To achieve the possible, we must attempt the impossible”-- keeps me upbeat.

Associate with the right people

When you feel good after speaking with a relative, a friend, or an acquaintance, most likely you’re dealing with a positive person. Choose to associate with encouraging, supportive people only. You can’t afford to violate this rule if you want to feel inspired.

Learn from your mentors and from those who provide unsolicited advice. Encourage them to tell you how you can further improve yourself. Meanwhile, stay close and maintain contact with potential role models.

Dissociate from negativity

Withdraw from negative people. When you see someone spew pessimism around, stay away, run as fast as you can . . . and don’t look back! You deserve something better. Entertain useful comments but eliminate destructive ones. Remarks that create fear, anger, paranoia, and depression should not be allowed to settle in your brain. Let them go quietly.
Also, don’t give importance to useless distractions. Switch off those Cable TVs and Wii games. Shun fruitless endeavors and hopeless banter especially when you want to be productive.

Focus on your desires

What are the desires of your heart? What’s your passion? What do you want to create? What do you want to leave as your legacy?

Life is short so live life to the fullest. Decipher your intention. Know and love your desires. Plan your action. And set your eyes on your goals. Work hard each day and do at least five things that can help realize outstanding outcomes. Expect difficulties and criticisms along the way. But keep your focus.

Dare to dream

Dare to establish the business you’ve always dreamed of. Have the guts to approach the scary guy down the road. Learn a new trade; practice the latest techniques; upgrade your knowledge. Pursue the degree you’ve always longed for. Dare to climb the tallest mountain.

Despite previous disappointments and failures, have the courage to try new things. Be bold, think big, and achieve results. Dare to dream the impossible.

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Copyright © 2009. Dr. Michael G. Rayel - author (A 31-Day Series and First Aid to Mental Illness) psychiatrist, and inventor of emotional and social skills games -- The Oikos Game Series. Check oikosglobal.com to learn about these games. Since 2005, he has published Oikos Insights! A Family and Self-Improvement Journal oikosglobal.com and has offered psychiatry board review for ABPN II psychedu.com.