You have everything you need to be happy already. Just decide to be happy, that is, be happy, and then everything you need to be happy will flow to you. That's how creative living works. To have and live what you want, BE what you want, and what you want will come to you, pressed down and over-flowing. Maybe you had better read that again.

Happiness is a most powerful state in which to create your experience. Happiness brings you into the here and now, into the present moment, which in fact, is the only 'time' there is anyway. Most people live in the past or the future, but relatively few immerse in the present moment, savouring and experiencing the feelings of being in the existential 'now'. When you are happy, you will find you have everything you need to be happy – because you are being happy!

If you are already happy, you are already embracing abundance, love and joy in your life. As abundance flows to you, you allow and enjoy it but you find your needs are minimal and the abundance becomes luxury, ie, in excess of your needs. If you are already happy (simply surrendered to the joy of being happy), you are fully present to who and what you are now. External things fade into insignificance; you don't rely on them for your happiness; nor are you attached to the outcomes of your efforts or subject to the obsessive desire for anything. You are the source of your happiness, not other people, external things or outcomes.

Life works according to laws, as does the entire universe; this is obvious, or utter chaos would reign and life would destroy itself. The true sequence of how creative living works is this: BE > FEEL > THINK > RELATE/DO > HAVE.

Most people work from back to front, that is, they think that when they HAVE heaps of money or time, they will be able to DO wonderful things that they THINK will make them FEEL great. And often that is where they complete their circuit, without ever taking into consideration who or what they need to BE before any of this can happen for them, and consequently, they are never satisfied.

But when we experience life's causal sequence in the right order, starting with who you BE first, everything else flows. So in our example, and from your state of happiness, you create feelings of happiness and benevolence, which produce happy thoughts that inspire you to relate graciously with others. Then you do all you do in an attitude of joy and all the good things you desire to have in your life, ebb and flow in your experience, from the infinite abundance that is the universe. Now do you see how life works?

Happiness is a way of being because it is a state of mind; and all states of mind produce themselves into physical experience. How can you be happy, you may ask, before you have what you want, like more love, or free time, or financial abundance?

Act as if you already have whatever it takes to make you happy. Be sincere in embracing happiness; "I am joyful and happy in this present moment"; then as your mind, body and spirit resonate in unison, the creative process gains momentum and flows: happiness actually becomes your reality.

Consolidate your new state of awareness, of happiness, by sharing happiness with someone else. This ensures you actually have it to give away! You cannot give away what you do not have. So give happiness away; not to create happiness for yourself, but simply out of pure unconditional love. That just happens to be a great way to create it for yourself as well!

As you share happiness, and flow it on to others, watch it flow to you ever more deeply. Apply this principle to joy, love, money, understanding, service, spare time, to anything! Try it for yourself – now you know the law, put it to work in your life. You are the creator of your life. Live life from your BEing and the rest will flow and flow and flow.

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Marie C. Barrett, author, teacher and spiritual coach, is working for the transformation of consciousness on the planet. An expanded consciousness is forming and higher energies call to every heart. For more information go to holisticwealthcreation.comcom and Marie's blog at