We all face occasions when we want to make a lasting impression. (I’m not talking a Tonya Harding kind of lasting impression.) Whether you are applying for a job, making new friends, building your client base, or looking for a date, you need to separate yourself from the crowd.

How to be Unforgettable:

1) Establish relationship first. Listen, be curious, be genuinely caring. Focus on the other person instead of yourself. Who is this person? This is how you establish relationship.

2) Identify the needs of this other person. How can you serve this person? Your partner will wake up for station WIFM (What’s In it For Me).

3) Be authentic. Don’t pretend to be interested. Don’t pretend to care. You won’t fool a soul. And no one wants to be around a fake. Meanwhile, the more you are authentically interested and authentically care about the people you meet, the more you’ll find yourself meeting wonderful people!

4) Don’t be your job. When someone says “tell me about yourself” what do you say? Cause EVERYBODY will answer the “tell me about yourself” with what they are working on, will be working on, or were working on. Snore. Be able to share at least three concise and memorable things about yourself that have nothing to do with your business. These things may be humorous or dramatic, but they reveal something about who you are as a person. If you have a zinger like “I smoked pot with Jimi Hendrix,” or “I taught blackjack to a bunch of orphans in Cambodia,” do you think your questioner will forget that–or you–any time soon?

See how authentic you can be.

5) Finally, have a point to what you share. Pick your story with your audience in mind, and tell your questioner what your share says about you.

For instance, during my teleseminars I sometimes share that I was hit by a car, thrown into a coma, had a severe head injury when I awoke, and spent my last semester of high school homeless and sleeping on a friend’s floor. And I graduated with honors and went to a top college. What this says about me is I know how to do whatever it takes to achieve a goal, even when life is really hard. It’s also why I focus on making people’s lives more effortless and pain free. I think struggle is overrated, and we don’t need to seek it out

A quick recap to help make things “just happen” for you:

Build relationship by authentically focusing on the other person and his needs.

Be a real person, not your job.

Take a look at the stories that reveal who you are and set yourself apart. (Learn how to weave them in organically, at the right moments in a conversation or presentation.)

Have a purpose to what you share.

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