Some of us are quick to blame a lack of weight loss on a "slow metabolism." Contrary to popular belief, metabolism is not the sole determining factor for weight loss! Common sense dictates that weight is determined by the amount of calories consumed versus the amount of calories burned. If you take in more calories than you need you're going to gain weight. Likewise, if you take in less calories than you need you're going to lose weight.

Simply stated, metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories which ultimately plays a part in how quickly we lose weight or how quickly we gain it.
Metabolism is influenced by a variety of factors. While some factors cannot be controlled such as gender, age, and genetic predisposition, other factors can be controlled and aide you in boosting your metabolism.

That being said, it can't hurt to make a concerted effort to ensure that your metabolism is running effectively and efficiently.

Here are three tips to help you boost your metabolism!

Tip #1: Eat A Healthy Breakfast: Breakfast literally means to break the fast. This important meal kicks your metabolism into gear after a long night of rest. Whole grains and a whey protein shake (protein is known for its metabolic boosting effects) make for a smart choice. Make sure to follow-up your breakfast with small frequent meals every three hours. The more time you let pass between meals, the more likely your body will begin to hold onto calories and store them as fat, otherwise known as "starvation mode."

Tip #2: Incorporate Strength Training: Strength training reduces fat mass and increases muscle mass. Muscle burns more calories than body fat, so the more muscle you build the better off your metabolism will be. Strength training actually increases your resting metabolism all day even when you're sitting still.

Tip #3: Say No to Crash Diets: When you restrict your calories and eat less than the necessary and required caloric intake for your body, your body will begin to hold on to calories and store them as fat in fear of starvation. Your metabolism will actually slow down in this case in an effort to conserve energy.

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