Inspired action is one of the reasons apparent miracles occur. It is the reason people do things that other people and even themselves did not think were possible. It is responsible for some of the greatest breakthroughs in history. Whether the people taking the inspired action at the time new what they were doing or not, they would not have achieved there goals if they had not taken inspired action.

So, how can we go about deliberately taking inspired action. Well I would first like to take a look at ourselves to understand how and why inspired action works.

Firstly, many people generally accept that we are made up of three parts: mind, body, spirit or however else you prefer to term it. Now the way I like to see it is that we are here in our physical bodies on the ground doing things. Our spirit part is a part of the overall energy of the universe connecting all things flowing freely and the mind part is the connector between the two.

Now here is how to take inspired action: first you must make your intentions clear. Write out what you want to achieve, meditate on it, tell people what you intend and visualise it regularly, doing this gradually transfers the intention upstairs to the spiritual part of ourselves.

Now remember, that part of ourselves is part of the ether, it is free flowing energy, moving all around us and can see all things. It can see things around us and ahead of us that from the ground we cannot possibly see. Once it is clear on our intentions it can take a look around and see how to bring our desires into being in the fastest possible way. It knows the fastest way to do so and the way it chooses may not make any sense to us in our physical bodies because we cannot see all that it can see. Do not worry about this.

Messages and prompts will then be sent down to us and they could be very subtle. They could come in the form of words in a poem, words in a song that seem to stand out, a chance conversation, a strange coincidence but come they will and you have to be ready for them. Through the 'Law Of Attraction' (also called 'the secret') you will naturally notice and be attracted to certain things, pay attention to these.

When you get these intuitive messages it is your job to follow up on them even if they don't make any sense at the time, remember you can not see the way, but if you trust what you feel and go with it, that is when remarkable things can happen, intuition is your short cut!

The strength and ease of connection between your mind, body and spirit is the key to all of this. The stronger the lines of communication the better it will work. To improve these internal lines of communication you simply need to spend more quiet time. This can be praying, meditating, relaxing, anything where you take time out. These things will aid you in initiating the law of attraction, gaining clarity on the intuitive nudges that you will receive and in relaying your clear intentions.

So in short, make your intentions clear, be open to the inner nudges, believe that they are correct and take action on them. Make sure you spend enough quiet time with yourself establishing clarity of thought for what it is you want, to be, do, or have and also allow quiet time listening to the nudges from within and then take action on them. It is all very simple but yet yields considerable power! Be open minded and try it yourself.

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