With all the gloom and doom you hear on the television and newspapers is it any wonder we can get out of bed, let alone prosper and create new opportunities in this current economic climate? Why do many of the wealthiest people say they made the bulk of their fortune in a recession or deprerssion? There are many reasons this is true but here are just a couple.

1) Much less competition due to the fact that people are just plain old scared to get out of their comfort zones and actually start or grow a business.
2) When the economy falters, even badly, it opens up other opportunities that are not there during a boom time. More importantly fewer people can recognize a great trend or opportunity during the slow times.

So with the current downturn where are some real opportunites?

1) Debt reduction and elimination is on people's minds due to now realizing what too much debt can do to their financial futures
2) Credit repair and counseling for obvious reasons
3) Small and home based business opportunities becasue people jobs are not secure any longer and traditional busienss has many pitfalls and risks that these new century business do not have
4) Wholesale Real Estate. You don't get rich buying in a boom, you get rich buying in a recession and getting positive cash flow to hold the investments until the recovery happens and creates huge equities when values turn around.
5) Internet based busienss due to low start up costs and global market place
6) Showing people how to be safe with their money and make it grow (financial and business coaching)

There are many more ways to make incredible incomes and build wealth in a recession but look at the ones above and see if any of those fit your personality. Which ones appeal to you most?

The main point is to be postive, take postive actions, and don't belive all the hype the media uses to sell papers and get you to tune into the nightly news. Get trained by experts and put into place a real busienss plan for whatever businesses you choose to get involved with during these supposed bad economic times. More wealth will be transferred in the next 5 years than at almost any other time in your history. The only question is will you be the one wealth is transferred from or to? The choice is always ours to make.

Author's Bio: 

John Jamieson is a former high school failure and college drop out turned multiple six figure income earner. John has taught thousands of people all over North America how to build wealth and cash flow through business, sales, marketing, and real estate. He trains people from all walks of life and educational levels how to generate income and wealth. You can visit him on line and book him to speak at your event at thecollegedropoutsguide.com. Also track John at twitter.com/johnjamieson.

To invest in great cash flow properties and work with John personally, visit wealthsystem2015.com.