• To produce a SMART baby, the first and most important factor is for mother and child to be healthy and happy. After baby is born, nurturing becomes significant. Your baby needs a happy and contented family to provide an environment that is conducive for his development. Music, educational toys and people will also help to nurture his mind and emotions.

• I would like to emphasise that all babies are born with the capacity to be smart. It is for the parents to develop their minds and emotions to make them truly smart.

5 tips to having a SMART baby.

• Be physically healthy before planning to have a baby.

• During pregnancy be happy, eat healthy foods and exercise regularly

• Enjoy parenthood after baby is born.

• Always feed your baby in healthy ways.

• Stimulate baby with music and toys, meet his emotional needs and have a sociable baby.

A Word of Advice for Mums - to- be

• Be healthy before planning to have a baby.

• Through my own experiences with my two sons who are now a doctor and a lawyer, as well as my nieces and nephews many of whom are scholars, I learned that would-be mothers must be healthy and fit before conceiving. Nature and nurture are the keys to having a smart baby.

During pregnancy be happy, eat healthy foods and exercise regularly

• Be happy in whatever you do because a cheerful mother will fully enjoy her pregnancy and your baby can sense the joy you have.
• Talk to your baby in your womb at every opportunity. Read to him , sing even.

• You and your baby are what you eat! Your diet should not consist only of foods you like, or what you feel like consuming or, in extreme cases, only of what you are able to take in. Eat for both your own and your baby’s well-being.
Exercise regularly and wisely. Seek first the advice of your gynaecologist and then do the routines as taught.

• You should now be reading how to take care of babies.

When baby is born enjoy parenthood.

• By now you should have read up materials on taking care of your baby. BOOK is highly recommended.

• You can easily access suitable video materials to enhance your knowledge and skills in baby care

• You may want to attend courses organised by clinics and hospitals.

Feed your baby in healthy ways.

• Breastfeed your new-born baby, or feed him milk as advised by doctors and dieticians.

• As he grows seek professional advice on the right foods to give and in what form eg semi solids and solids

Nurture baby with music, toys.

• Play soothing and gentle music softly in baby’s room when he is awake
• Put up mobiles around his cot and pram. Turn them on when he is alert to stimulate him visually and in auditory ways
• Just talk to baby at appropriate times eg feeding, diaper changes, bathing.

Take care of his emotional needs and have a sociable baby.

• Invite grandparents, relatives, friends and even neighbours to share your joy. Baby should socialise right from the start.

Happy Parenting,
Pat Lee

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My experience with my 2 intelligent children has proven right with my relatives and friends. Their children are smart too and many are scholars.

I prepared myself before starting a family and the play methods I used to stimulate their right as well as left brains was successful.I have just retired from teaching/counselling eenagers.I am selling programmes on stimulating minds of babies right at birth.