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The best way to increase traffic is “word-of-mouth” advertising, the best form. One “word-of-mouth” methods with proven success is to reward clients with a “free gift” when they refer friends to your webpage(s). Several months ago, I heard Internet marketing guru Vic Johnson claim that “referrals” are one of the top strategies he uses to grow his subscriptions at

I went to his site above. I scrolled down the left column until I saw “Tell a Friend” and a “Free Gift” button. When I clicked on the link, “Can we send you a free gift?” appeared with instructions for referring “at least one person” to the site in exchange for a free E-Book “Acres of Diamonds” a best seller by Russell Conwell. I signed up to see how it worked! Vic's system was simple and easy-to-use.

I started researching a dozen free and paid systems online that handle “free gifts for referrals.” After lots of trial-and-error, I came across one that I like: (copy and paste this in your browser). It does everything I want a system to do. It’s free, too!


Here is a list of what you need:

• URL for the “Banner Image of the Free Product” you plan to give away in exchange for referring friends

• Content for the “Message of Your Offer” that you want to send to people who are referring their friends

• “Email content” of what you want sent to the friends who are referred

• URL of the page to “Download Your Gift”

• A brief “Thank You Message”

• The LOCATION where you want to promote the refer-a-friend campaign (websites, blogs, emails, etc.)

The system is very user-friendly.

I wanted to test it out, so I created a simple campaign. I would give away Napoleon Hill's best-selling book "Think and Grow Rich" to people who referred friends and colleagues to a free book, "Guide to Home Based Business."

I was surprised, too! With very little effort, in less than 1 week, 45 people were referred.


Try it for yourself. Here are the steps I suggest:

1. Copy and paste the link below in your browser to see my campaign:

2. Come up with “free gift” ideas that you have or could develop to great reward someone who makes a referral to your site.

3. Create your own campaign.

4. Watch you website traffic numbers grow immediately. ( has great "reports" to track traffic.)

View a visual image of my campaign on our blog: (copy and paste)

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