You Can Easily Know If he/she Loves you

It usually takes me less than 30 minutes on the first meeting with someone to know wether he is in love with someone else or not.

This is not marketing Hype because after reading Part One and part two (which you are currently reading) of this series you will be to know whether someone is in love with someone else or not by just looking for few signs. If you don’t believe me, then just read and then test it yourself.

I strongly recommend that you don’t make any judgements before you spot more than 5 signs , if you haven’t read part one then don’t forget to read it after you finish reading this one.

sings that Show If someone is In Love With someone else

* Identifying with The Person: “Hey, you know what your personality is very close to mine”, “me too!! I adore orange juice” "sarah and i hate physics" the previous phrases are perfect examples of someone who is trying to identify himself with someone else, usually when someone falls in love, he tries to identify himself with the other person he loves and this can be noticed by paying close attention to the phrases that he is using

* Watch For the eyebrow: in body language touching your eye brow with one finger then passing your finger along it to the side has no other meaning other than that you have positive evaluated something you saw, now what if someone always positive evaluates seeing someone else??

* Looking for Any Excuse to talk about him when someone falls in love with someone else he usually feels eager to talk about him and so he tries to find any excuse to mention the persons name in front of others even if the excuse was making fun of him!!! For example “you know, This Sarah is really weird I have never seen someone that weird”

* Frequency of Moving Her Hair when a girl moves her hair backwards using one hand so that she reveals her ear then this usually means that she is interested in that person she is talking/listening to, now what if the frequency of this gesture increased 5 times when she sat with someone else? Usually the conclusion is that she is extremely interested in him or in other words she is in love with him

* Being Anxious when Being with Him almost everyone cares very much about the impression that the person he loves forms of him and as a result he turns to be very anxious at the presence of that person especially on the very first meetings.

* Minding His Own Business “you know what, I think you will look better if you tried to wear a red shirt” the previous phrase is a perfect example of a girl who is in love with a guy, although there was no reason for her to talk about his dressing style she just couldn’t resist the urge to make him look better, and this goes for any types of advices that may improve anything in his life.

* Hyper Activity: did you notice how you behave right after you meet the person you love? If the meeting went good then most probably you will notice that you have became hyperactive, doing things that you usually don’t do and saying things that you usually don’t say. This hyper activity can be a very good indication of whether someone is in love with someone else or not.

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