Probably the most valuable skill to learn for reducing your sales effort is to learn how to market yourself effectively so that you barely have to sell at all. Personal Marketing is the fastest way to sell more and work less. It is simply getting your prospects excited about you and your service before you ever make a sales call. This is a concept that will open your eyes and change your life. If you follow a few tricks of the trade, you will soon discover how simple it is to increase sales while reducing your selling effort.

Personal Marketing is the strategy of rarely speaking to anyone who does not already know who you are. It is applying advance marketing techniques before you meet a prospect. Here's a simple formula to show you how it works:

SE x PM = SR

(Selling Effort x Personal Marketing = $ales Results)

It's simple math: The more marketing you do, the less selling effort you have to put forth. Sales Effort is physical, time-consuming, and fraught with objections and rejections. It requires great time management and communication skills. Personal Marketing is leveraging your message to as many of your target prospects as possible without your physically having to do it yourself. Develop and execute a few of the Personal Marketing strategies suggested below and sales will come to you, rather than you chasing them.

Developing a referral stream through marketing efforts will greatly accelerate your sales. Good personal marketing, such as ads or links on web sites, a well-placed headline in a trade journal, a best-selling book that refers to your services, will sell more than you ever could by just knocking on doors. By using media that reaches thousands, you are in essence knocking on the door of everyone who sees them.

Keep it in mind that this is completely separate from the global marketing that your company is already doing for you. This is a much more personalized and direct marketing effort that will not only draw them to your product or service, but direct them to you. Be sure the message you use is compelling enough to get them to act or show interest in what you have to offer.

Here are a few possible strategies to get you started. There are zillions more possible.
1. Create alliances with other individuals who are in touch with your prospects.
2. Send out sales letters.
3. Speak at local trade shows or bring a speaker in to an event you organized.
4. Advertise.
5. Join and participate in your trade associations.
6. Do email or direct mail marketing.
7. Ask for referrals and testimonials.
8. Volunteer at community events.
9. Attend networking functions.
10. Write an article for your industry and submit it to your trade publications.

These are only a few ways to market yourself as a businessperson to increase your sales results.

The problem is that most businesspeople do not want to spend the time or money necessary for marketing. They would rather be cheap and rely on their own physical effort or hope the company does the marketing for them. Those businesspeople who rely only on their own sales effort will always have to work harder than those who market themselves personally.

So if you want to sell more with less effort-give personal marketing a try. And if you do, please give me a call on your cell phone from the sunny tropical location where you will be vacationing to celebrate all your sales success.

Author's Bio: 

George Ludwig is a recognized authority on sales strategy and peak performance psychology. An international speaker, trainer, and corporate consultant, he is currently the president and CEO of GLU Consulting. He helps clients like Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories, Northwestern Mutual, CIGNA, and numerous others improve sales force effectiveness and performance.

Though it's George's strategies and processes that help corporations increase productivity and performance, it's his tremendous energy and dynamism that spark the transformation. Again and again, clients remark on his amazing ability to unleash human capacity and inspire men and women to break out of their comfort zones. The result is a whole new type of salesperson.

George is the best-selling author of “Power Selling: Seven Strategies for Cracking the Sales Code” and “Wise Moves: 60 Quick Tips to Improve Your Position in Life & Business.” He’s also a columnist and frequent contributor to Entrepreneur magazine, Investor’s Business Daily, Selling Power, and numerous business radio programs. Having gained a reputation as a thought leader in his industry, he is frequently interviewed for trade publications and newspapers.

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